Class Chonorichthyes (Fish)

By Jaylen Latimer

Information on Chonorichthyes

1. A marine biologist studies all fish in sea including this class.

2. 5 examples : Sharks, Sting Ray, Saw Fish, Electric Ray, Chimera

3. Jawed fish with Paired Fins , Paired Nair's, Scales, and a heart with its chambers in series

4. They have developed a steam lined body to help it move through the water and also gills that help it take in oxygen directly from the water.

5. There are species of sharks that give birth to live sharks called pups. They only have a few at a time and they abandon them after delivery.

6. Sharks eat just about anything they can find because they are at the top of the food chain

It is said that sharks do not attack unless they are provoked

Sharks are not territorial like most animals so they just swim around tge ocean looking for food.

7. Ancestors of Sharks : Giant Megatooth , Helicoprion, Cledoselache

Photos of Chonorichthyes

Fun Facts

  • Basking sharks often travel in pairs and sometimes in schools of up to 100 sharks.
  • The thickest animal skin is on whale sharks, it’s up to three and a half inches thick.
  • The whale shark has up to 300 teeth, and the megamouth has more than 90
  • Of the roughly 50 shark attacks reported each year, only 10% prove to be fatal.
  • The whale shark’s mouth stretches up to 15 feet wide, the largest mouth of all shark species.