Give me 30 minutes, I'll give you back 10 years

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MIXTO is the latest technology continuous wave fractional CO2 laser. It uses heat and light to naturally to build collagen and elastic fibers within the skin, reversing the signs and symptoms of aging and improving the look of acne and other types of scars. After just one treatment, MIXTO turns on the body's youth making machinery to tighten skin up to 63%, thickening the skin and evening out skin tones. MIXTO creates an immediate visible improvement and starts a process or reversing the aging process that lasts for an entire year. MIXTO is ideal for improving both young and old skin and reducing the appearance of even deep acne scars. Results last 8-10 years or more. See why WebMD recently named treatments like these the "#1 anti-aging breakthrough of the decade."

How does it work?

The MIXTO uses the newest technology to safely create more heat in the skin than any other laser of its type. This is why MIXTO consistently stimulates the most production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deepest layers of the skin, naturally thickening and tightening skin, restoring the texture and evening the tone of your skin. Designed to be an in-office procedure, you can customize your treatment: a MIXTOLite for minimal downtime and about 5 years off your appearance or a regular MIXTO for up to 20 years. This is why the Wall Street Journal predicts that these treatments will ultimately make facelifts and injections obsolete.
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The Procedure

You will receive a strong topical numbing cream to ensure comfort during the procedure and you will have the option of receiving oral medications for relaxation similar to an oral surgery. Patients receiving oral medications will be required to have a driver. Once prepared, your procedure can last from 15-45 minutes. You may experience a warm or prickling sensation when the laser is applied to the skin but the treatment should not be uncomfortable.

When Will I See Results?

It is not uncommon to see significant tightening of skin especially around eyes immediately after the procedure. The development of new collagen and elastic fibers within the skin takes 6-12 weeks so that optimal results take 90 days. The collagen and elastic fiber development continues to build over an entire year. At this point, results last 8-10 years. Collagen development may be enhanced at the time of the procedure by the addition of certain products known to stimulate collagen like vitamin C, amniotic membrane and plasma rich platelet serums. Ask your doctor what is right for you.

What Can I Expect After the Treatment?

Most patients are able to resume normal activities the same day. MIXTOLite patients may experience a light sunburn, some texture to the skin and little to no downtime. Depending on the extent of your treatment, you may experience redness, swelling and crusting. These symptoms may increase for the first 2-4 days before starting to recede quickly. Most patients are able to return to normal social activities 1-2 weeks after treatment. Redness from the development of new blood vessels (counteracting the natural pallor of aging skin) is the last symptom to fade.
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