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To me Accessories are more important than the clothes

I must say that today’s fashion indicates the development degree of modern time. The time when we are invited for the party, the first question arises in our mind is what to wear? I am sure that it is the first question that strike us before going to a party whether small or grand. To become trendy and fashionable is the need of time and it even makes the world colorful and cheerful. Many of my friends’ say that stylish clothes and accessories decorate their life and made them popular among there peer group. Many of them adopt fashion trend just to gain self confidence and pleasure. I also love fashion but I never find it wise to spend a lot on it.

When I think of fashion I have to think about Robert, my college friend who was a complete fashion slave. I was interested in music but Robert was too much conscious about his looks and style. He would always drag me to check new collections at various designer stores. I remember the word “trendy” was almost a dirty word to my family and me at that time. However, like many things, my perspective became more nuanced as I got older. Anyways, once we were done with compulsory education, we packed our bags and were all set to move out for higher studies.

But, two days back when I was in the market, I was shocked to see Robert. I was very happy to see him after a long time. It did not come as a surprise to me to see that Robert was still the same guy with extreme love and passion for fashion. He still wore designer clothes of “GRUNGE COLLECTION”. He looked awesome and trendy.

He told me that he is going to be in the city for two days so we decided to catch-up and we went out to grab a bite and have a few drinks at this local bar. Afterwards we went outside for smoke. I was surprised to see that he was a great fan of V2 cigs electronic cigarette, incidentally the same brand which I was using from past few months.

He told me that he switched to this best electronic cigarette brand just because this brand offers trendy and stylish accessories which no other brands offer.