Sarah Spark For President

She better then all the real candidates

Trump vs Spark

Though presidential candidate Donald Trump has his own...flare. What America really needs isn't some loud mouth billionaire who wants to build walls around America (literally), we need a president with a certian spark. Let's let the people of America regain their pride and power that we had after the Second World War! Let's share our American Spark with the world.

Little town girl

I have always been a little town girl, not a big fan of big cities. But I campaign for all cities and all town from Eagle, Alaska to Clam Lake, Wisconsin to Jacksonville, Mississippi.

Stuff about me.

I'm 13 years old, technically aloud to run for president.

I go to Fran Fruzen Intermittent School in Beloit, Wisconsin.

I'm in eighth grade.

I have a dog.

I have a goldfish.

I'm better then Trump.

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Instagram: #VoteSarahSparkNotTrump