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Working Immigrants

If companies can't find local people to work for them they could move out of state to find more workers, or they could even leave the country. These are very extreme options, but if nothing else works then you might have to move. Now you can also get the workers to come to you by hiring foreign workers. Many immigrants cannot get jobs that easily, so farms could hire immigrants at a really low wage and they would be fine with the low wage as long as they had an income. However, meatpacking companies had a tough time giving a good wage because they had to lower their price to compete with other companies prices.

The companies had to eventually increase the wages so the workers wouldn't leave for a higher paying job. Because of the wages being increased, the factory conditions became very poor. The cramped workshops set up in shady tenement buildings were called sweatshops. The un-skilled workers that had to work in these "sweatshops" usually worked 10 hour work days, six days a week. They had no paid vacation and no compensation for injuries suffered on the job. So yes the wages were increased a little but that resulted in very terrible working conditions.

Dear Future American Citizens...

August 18, 1920

Dear American Citizens,

On this day, women have the legal right to vote in the United States of America. I am proud to say that I was one of the voices that fought for this right. It was not easy, actually it was awful. We were hated by many people through the process. Like when we were still with the NAWSA we had a parade. About halfway though the parade, the crowds flooded the streets and attacked the women marching.

After that we stepped things up by changing from a peaceful approach to striking. However, the NAWSA did not approve of our decision to switch to striking. So because of that, we made the NWP, or National Woman's Party. We then Moved our women on strike to the front of the White House. Eventually those women were taken to jail because of "obstructing traffic" even though they weren't. I myself was also put in prison, to protest the harsh punishments, I would not eat. Eventually I was force fed. I wrote a note that was meant to be passed around to my fellow prisoners, somehow it was put in the hands of Senator Leighton. From there my story was exposed to the public, and we were released.

Later on, the 19th amendment was passed. This gave all women the right to vote. It took many tries but it finally passed. Now this opened doors for other potential amendments that will give women equal rights. I hope that all the women in the NWP will never be forgotten for what we did for this country.


Alice Paul

Monopolies Are Taking Control of America

This political cartoon illustrates monopolies taking over cities. The octopus is supposed to be the monopoly and its tentacles expand over the city. Capitalists such as Andrew Carnegie, would buy services that would benefit his company line subways. This would benefit his profits because all of his workers would have to ride the subway to get to work at his factory. So he would get paid for transporting them. This was one of the few ways that capitalists would take advantage of their money to make more money.

Spain Attacks US Naval Vessel

This past Tuesday, February 15, 1898, there was a tragic explosion at the Havana Harbor. The US Naval Vessel, The Maine spontaneously combusted. It is said that spies, from Spain, aboard the boat lit timed fuses on large amounts of TNT and escaped before the explosion. This event resulted in the death of 260 sailors. Keep their families in your prayers, and God bless America.
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Know Your Place, Shut Your Face!

The government passed the Espionage Acts because they didn't want people to be spreading secrets about the government. The Espionage Acts prohibited citizens to talk about the plans of the military. This caused many problems with the people of America because they thought it violated the first amendment.

New Weapons Are Being Introduced to War

In August of 1914, the general use of machine guns were introduced to The Great War. This technology was originally made in 1884 by Sir Hiram Maxim. They where used because they had a higher rate of fire, so you could fire multiple rounds within seconds instead of one at a time. This was possible because the gun used recoil power of the previously fired round to reload, rather than being hand powered. This new found technology was used all over Europe during the war.
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The Golfing Legend

Robert "Bobby" Jones Jr. was an amateur American golfer and a lawyer by profession. He designed the Augusta National Golf Course and co-founded The Masters golf tournament. Bobby won all four major tournaments in one calendar year, this is something that even golfers like Jack Nicholas and Tiger Woods have never done and never will do.

Social Media Of The Past

The radio, although it doesn't seem like a big thing, it was a very influential part of the 1920's. Say you live in Chicago and the Cubs play the Red Sox, if you want to see the game you could go all the way to Boston, or you could just pull out a radio and hear the whole game. Maybe you are cleaning and you want to listen to music, just pull out a radio.

Originally, the radio was used for military communication purposes. Gugliemo Marconi invented it in the 1800's for this purpose. It was also popular with a small number of hobbyists around the country. As the 1920's came, few Americans owned a radio. However there was no regular programming on the airwaves for them to listen to something.

The radio breakthrough happened in 1920. A radio owner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, started playing his records over his radio. The audience that listened consisted of a small, but growing number, of fellow radio owners within his range of equipment. As radios became more popular, it caught the attention of the Westinghouse Company. The Westinghouse Company realized that more people would buy their product if it had good programming on the radio. Soon the Westinghouse Company started the first corporate radio station. The station broadcasted music and news and its letters were KDKA.

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