Birth Control of the 1950s

By: Isidra Rodriguez & Lorena Aldaco

Birth control pills

Birth control pills were invented in 1951, by a chemist in Mexico City named Carl Djerassi. The pills were made of synthesizing hormones from Mexican yams. In 1954 they conducted the first human trial on 50 women in Massachusetts. It worked(:

Factors in society

When the men came back from the war they got lots of women pregnant (which caused the baby boom) and the the women felt like they lost thier freedom because they had to stay home with the babies and the men got to work. This made the women want to fight for thier freedom.

Changes in American Society

This was big in American society because it stopped the baby boom and decreased the abortions in the united states. The invention of birthcontrol also gave women back their freedom.

Turning Point

Birth control was a turning point in America because without birth control, pregnancy rates would continue to go up. Birth control let women finish school, go off to college or get a job without the worries of a child.