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Can I get a WOOP WOOP ?!?!

Well it wont be official until May 10th, but I am doing a happy dance... Marisa Caster and her AMAZING team have promoted to Director!!! Woo Hoo!!! Way to go Marisa! I am so proud of you and your girls and all of your hard work!!!


There are still lots of great deals to be had. Be sure you are sharing these with your customers to make this most of this amazing opportunity that 31 is giving us to increase our paychecks this month!

Check out our FB page for the latest graphic with what is still available. :)

April Beat your Best Challenge!

As this month comes to an end, use the Spring Sale to push you over the top to win the BEAT YOUR BEST Challenge!

I need your help in keeping track of who did this. I will post in next weeks emails, who is eligible for the drawing of two business aids ( you will LOVE), if your name is not on there and should be... please email me. I don't want to over look anyone that has accomplished this!!!

Product Premier is on the way!!!

Registration for Product Premier begins FRIDAY!!!

Go to TOT and look under "attend an event" to register. Theaters do sale out, so go first thing. The cost is $20 a ticket and you can register to bring a guest for $20 as well. You will be going home with a brand new product from the fall / winter line... Woo Hoo!!!

Love your journey ~ National Conference

Join me and my friends in our PINK Bubble for a fun and purposeful weekend in Denver this July!!! The deadline to register for $129 is May 15th!!! After that the price increases to $250. Register NOW!!!

Cathy Barry, Marissa Caster, Micah Robertshaw, Ryan Chambers, Belinda Johnson, Brandy Rendon, Megan Silva and Mary Casey have already signed up... There is still room for YOU!!!

Let me know when you register! We have a separate FB Group for the ladies that are going.

May AMAZING Monthly Special!!!


For the month of May, the special will be the Large Utility Tote for $10 OR the Stand Tall Insert for the LUT for $15! WOOHOO!

Also- there is a fabulous Car Collection bundle just for the Hostess! Free with a $600 party and $31 with a $200+ party.

This special and the one below is making me want to host my own party in May :) Be sure to book up next month... it's going to be aMAYzing! ;)

New Hostess Exclusive for May, June and July!!!


The two new hostess exclusives starting in May:

The Style Setter for only $40 when you host a $200 party!

This bag will come in Tan Metallic Cork and Teal Pebble Affair!

Go "All In" this June!

Introducing our newest style … the All-In Tote!

This seasonal exclusive is available ONLY in June, when it will be featured as part of both the Customer AND Hostess Special!

June Customers can get one for only $25 with every $35 spent, while June Hostesses can get an All-In Tote Bundle – which comes with a Zipper Pouch and two Large Timeless Memory Pouches – for FREE with a $600 party!

This fashionable and functional new style will even be available in some NEW fall prints, like the sophisticated Charcoal Links (pictured).

The tote is perfect for girls packing for a sleepover or families to use on a road trip or as a carry-on. It’s a great way for girls of all ages to tote whatever they need with confidence.

The All-In Tote will be available June 1. All the tools you'll need for the June specials will be available on the How to Market June page on May 1. Watch out for social graphics to begin booking June parties!


April 27 - 29 ~ Spring Sale happening on your webpage

Now - May 31 ~ WHOOT OWL Nurse and Teacher Personalized Icon available for $10

Now - April 30th ~ Organizational / Monogram Necklace Special

May 1st ~ Register for Spring Product Premier in your area

May ~ LUT Special

June ~ All In Tote Special

June 13th ~ Fall Product Premier happening at a theater near you 10 am local time zone

July 18 -20th 2015 ~ National Conference in Denver, CO!!!

Welcome to our newest 31 sisters!!!

So excited to welcome our new 31 sisters from March:

Gilda Aumiller

Michelle Tate

Shana Smith

Saida Rosales

Katie North

Julie Holley

and Deborah delaBruere!

Sarah Pope

Independent Senior Director

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