W. K. Kellogg

inventor of cereal

Will w. Kellogg

Will k. Kellogg was born in Battle Creek Michigan 1860. Will was best known for making the first cereal ever made.

Will's parents are, john Kellogg and Ann Kellogg, also had a Brother also named after his father , John Kellogg. His Brother stole his idea of making a new breakfast food, but it made someone sick so he got throne in jail, so Will tried like john and success. Will dropped out of out of school to be a sales man, and he also needed glasses, he got married in 1896 to Elea.

He became famous for making the first good breakfast cereal ever. He became blind in the last 10 years of his life. He had a big hobby of making cereal, also a sales person.

Will died from oldness in, Oct 6, 1951