Chinese Inventions: Paper Money

Reagan Dunn and Ethan Thompson

The Origin of Paper Money in China

A Roll of Chinese Money

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How did this effect China and the world?

  • Coins gold, silver, and other types, didn't take long to not be used anymore (Not many people used them for trade and other things)
  • On the silk road, the Chinese spread their findings and others found it fascinating
  • People started using it according to these charts: Sweden-1661, America- 1690, France-1720, and Germany did not use until 1806
  • This invention effected the whole world after a while

Close Up of Chinese Money

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Why was this made? :)

  • They made paper money because the coins they carried were very heavy so it was easier to carry paper stacks of money
  • It made everything easier to do
  • The paper money made trading easier and you could travel and buy things from merchants without all the weight of the coins

Fat Rolls

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