Come to Georgia

England invites you to the finest new colony!

What makes Georgia so special?

  • Georgia is beautiful! Don't forget that.
  • Georgia was the last colony to be established! By the English! We love the English, remember? We love them.
  • Named after King George II! That's got to be worth something.
  • Located in the beautiful South! (Be ready for mosquitos and mediocre southern cooking.)
  • Founded by the illustrious (we think) James Oglethorpe for people to seek refuge from poverty, persecution, and general unpleasantness! So it's a great place, basically.
  • Known for Oglethorpe's successful and peaceful encounters with the Native Americans! (But don't worry, they won't be around when you get here. Don't ask us why.)
  • Okay, so there were some conflicts with the Native Americans. But that shouldn't be a bother!
  • Have we mentioned that Georgia is beautiful? Please live here.
  • Fun fact: the Native American Mary Musgrove served as James Oglethorpe's interpreter. For some reason, this should make you want to live in BEAUTIFUL GEORGIA.
  • This BEAUTIFUL COLONY is run by James Oglethorpe (the illustrious one, remember?) but decisions are sometimes made as Parliament.
  • By 1775, it'll be governed as a royal colony. Don't ask us how we can see the future. (We're not witches, we promise. At least, not if you come live in BEAUTIFUL GEORGIA.)