Generation TX Week

Prairie vista Middle School

Gen TX Week is Nov. 16-20, 2015

Generation Texas represents a statewide initiative to organize and mobilize communities to help Texas students and their families pursue the path to college and career education beyond high school. regardless of what age your child is, it is never too soon to start preparing for their post-secondary education.
Mon., Nov.16 Wear Saginaw High School or Chisholm Trail High School T-shirt or Colors, to celebrate graduating from a great high school and having the opportunity to go to college!

Tues., Nov. 17 Wear a PVMS shirt or colors to show your spirit of doing your best in school now in order to be successful in high school and college.

Wed., Nov. 18 Wear College colors, College T-shirt or Jersey to demonstrate your excitement about all the college opportunities available to all students.

Thurs., Nov. 19 Wear Patriotic colors or Camo in honor of Military Careers and higher education opportunities the Military provides.

Fri., Nov. 20 Wear a College Hat to show your support for your favorite future college.

** In addition to our theme days, we will also have a door decorating and pennant contest. Classroom doors can be decorated to show your pride for your alma mater and/or favorite college. Pennants from universities and colleges throughout the United States can be created and displayed in the hallways. The Pride class with the winning door will receive and ice cream party on Friday during Reward Day. Judging will be on Thursday, Nov. 19 so get busy on those doors and hallways!!

TEACHERS AND STAFF!!!!....Back by popular demand!!!


1. The person that who wears the MOST college attire will win 1st place and bragging card involved!

2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded

3. Here is how to play the game:
# Get all of your "git up" on...shirts, belts, tanks, shoes, socks, hats, pins, flags, bandanas, get the idea!
# Wear all of your "git up" on Wednesday, Nov. 18.
# Wear it ALL day!

Check in with Bertinelli / De la flor BEFORE 8:00 to get all of your pieces counted. You cannot add pieces after your official count. all pieces MUST HAVE the college logo attached to you cannot just have a red, purple or blue piece of jewelry. THE LOGO OF YOUR COLLEGE MUST BE ATTACHED TO EACH PIECE...for it to count! You can layer, but the logo must be visible!

HAVE FUN! and no cheating all you TCU people:)