Makers Space ... Wise Ones

Information about makers space in room 302

What is this project?

A Makers Space is a DIY, do it yourself, space where people can gather to create and invent. We have created a makers space within our classroom to become toy makers.

Recently we finished a story, Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, where the main character was a porcelain rabbit. In the story Edward gets lost and his journey as a lost toy is the miraculous journey. At the end of the story Edward finds himself in the hands of a doll maker.

It was this idea that sparked our interest in becoming toy makers ourselves. The third graders are very excited about this opportunity. We have studied how toys are made, discussed possible purposes of toys, and what items are needed to make a toy. They have used this week to prepare by making sketches, researching ways to make the ideas that they have created, and recording the steps needed to make their toy they have designed. The third graders were asked this week to turn in a supply request for making their toy.

We are working on using our resources and asking people that we know if they have supplies that we can use. Below is a list of some of the items that were on the third graders' lists. If you have a craft drawer or spare parts/ scraps around, we are asking that you peek to see if you have any of these items that you can donate to us. We would greatly appreciate it. Please do not go out and buy the items.

It is extremely important to me that our families know two things...

1) This is an in class project.

2) This project should not require anyone to purchase any items.

Thank you in advance for taking time to look for resources for us.

Supplies for Toys...

Here is a list of the items we are looking for to make our toys ...

Felt - brown, black, pink, white

Material - fuzzy material, black, pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, orange, gray, brown, white

Clay - brown

Hardware - wood, popsicle sticks, dowel rods

Other - stuffing (lots is needed), google eyes (various sizes), mittens/gloves, buttons (red & pink- other colors too), string, velcro, 9V battery, battery holder, battery motor, scrub brush, electrical tape, cardboard, box (medium size), toilet paper rolls