The County

December 18, 1936 - House catches fire after first snowfall

House Catches Fire

Miss Maudie Atkinson of Maycomb County had a terrible tragedy last night after her house caught fire. Luckily nobody was hurt as the house burned down. The fire took place at 1am last night, everyone was awakened by the big blaze of the house. The men of the neighbourhood helped Miss Maudie as well as some of her items out of the house as they waited for the fire truck. However, as Mr. Avery was getting things from the top floor the stairs of the house collapsed. He jumped out of the window and landed safely in some of Miss Maudie's bushes. The fire became too large and it was no longer possible to save the house. The fire truck arrived too late and the house is seen in the image burning down. The cause for the fire was because Miss Maudie was making a fire in her kitchen to save her from the cold. This turned out to not being a very good idea as her house is now gone.

First Snowfall Since 1885

The first snowfall since 1885 occurred yesterday. White flakes were falling everywhere as everyone was stunned. This was the first snowfall in almost 50 years! All schools were cancelled so the kids could enjoy this bizarre weather. All of the young kids and half the adults had never seen snow before and were very surprised at their first sight. The children spent their day off of school making snow angels and snowmen. Miss Maudie wasn't too happy about the snow however because her plants weren't doing good in the cold.


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