5 Themes of Geography Austin, TX

by: Jess Mccaskill


This picture represents place for Austin because it's the capital building. The capital is one of the most important buildings in Austin because it's where the state passes the laws. There are many places to go and things to do in Austin. Place in geography means where you are remotely and what places you're visiting. Austin is a good tourist and local place to live. I love going downtown whether it's shopping or swimming in the lake. The capital building is the most historic and beautiful place to visit in Austin by far. I don't know where else I'd live if I didn't live here!


Movement in geography means how people get around in relation to their geographical surroundings. I love representing this picture with movement because this is a still shot that took individual images of all the cars and put them all together to form one photo. This is the 360 bridge over Lake Austin. Since Austin's population is over 800,000 people everybody is constantly on the go. As many as 20,000 cars use this bridge daily! If that number is only for this one particular bridge, think about how many people travel across Austin daily, or even everywhere in the state of Texas!


This photo portrays the region of downtown Austin at night. Regions divide the area into almost unit like pieces. You can see all the high buildings that make the city larger than it seems. The region of Austin is a great place to live because there are lakes to swim when it gets too hot, as Texas normally is. I for one like where I live because I have different options to go to if it gets too hot or too cold.

Human environment Interaction

Human environment interaction deals with how humans interact with the environment; good or bad. I think this picture represents human environment interaction because it shows town lake and the ducks that habitate it and the people that use their habitat. It shows the ducks interacting with people by getting food. Humans and animals interact everyday in Austin. People go and kayak or fish on the lakes, they have pets, or even just interact with the wildlife around them. As the population of Austin changes, the geography of Austin also changes. With the land around Texas changing animals have to adapt; as well as people.


This picture represents relative location because there are multiple areas of the city in this picture and it represents downtown Austin in the day time. Location in Austin is very important. You can either be in the Lake Travis area where everyone is fairly the same economically or in the east side of downtown Austin where homelessness is more of a concern. I am very lucky to live in a city where everyone is kind and you can either totally live in the city or in a nice little town like Lakeway.

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