Welcome to Kindergarten

where the possibilities of learning are endless!

I'm Miss Nicole!

I am very excited to meet your child this fall! In my classroom no child gets left behind. We will spend our days in a safe environment where children feel valued and cared for each and every day! I will provide unique learning experiences for each child, and ensure that they all have the opportunity to show what they know, in their own way! After all, a fish and a monkey can't both climb a tree!

What is expected during the school day?

I want all my students to learn and succeed, but do it while having fun! However there will be some classroom rules that the students and I develop together, which I will expect them to follow to the best of their abilities. I will guide the children to understand that they do not all have to be friends, but they all must be friendly to each other. Although I understand that it will take time for most children to feel comfortable being in a new and exciting place, I expect for children to participate in our lessons throughout a majority of the day, and gradually participate in more activities as time goes on. I will do my best to individualize our activities so that every child is doing something they have fun with and are able to succeed in!

Materials that will prepare your child for anything

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Not only will your child love school, but they will learn...

  • basic math concepts such as counting, adding, subtracting, comparing, and sorting
  • to write and read materials that is appropriate for their developmental level
  • how to come up with their own ideas of concepts and expand on them to develop a deeper understanding
  • social skills such as joining into play, taking turns, identifying and regulating their own emotions, and recognizing the signs of emotions their peers are expressing
  • EVERYTHING in the early content standards! (which can be viewed at the link provided)

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!

I believe in an open door policy, so please feel welcomed to be involved in your child's education!