By: Taylor Rogers


Stickie-too-tee means “stickin’ ta what you’ doin’.” It’s important to stick to what you’re doing.

the power of Blasting powder

Hole-in-the-Rock was a big problem for the pioneers of the San-Juan County. As they went to settle the new land, they encountered a problem. There was a humongous rock in the way! But, one pioneer found a solution. There was a crack in the rock. They got out the blasting powder, and blew a hole in the rock.

Bluff ditch

Bluff ditch is evil. The people of Bluff needed the river to flow near the crops. So they dug a ditch. It was flooded out. Next year they dug another ditch. It was flooded out. Then, again next year. It stayed.


Dick Butt was sheriff, and there were outlaws, and indians.There is a particular band of outlaws. He needed a deputy. A young deputy. He got one. He got the outlaws with help from the young deputy.