By Neal Shusterman

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Brewster Rawlins

Bronte starts dating a guy named Brewster Rawlins. Her twin brother Tennyson disagrees with her decision because Brewster has "most likely to get the death penalty ". Tennyson was spying on Brewster in the locker room when Brewster took off his shirt he had scars, bruises, and cuts. "Scars and pockmarks discolorations a big bruise on his shoulder, yellowed around the edges ".
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Cuts Disappearing

At school Bronte and Brewster were holding hands. Bronte felt something warm running down her hand. It was coming from Brewster's hand. " we have to get you to the nurse" Bronte said. Brewster said he cut his hand on his locker. The nurse told Bronte to clean her hand from Brewster's blood. She went to the sink to wash her hands. When she was washing her hands she noticed her cut was gone. "It had not healed it was gone , like it had never been there at all.

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Bronte Finds Out

" He raised his gauze. The wound had clotted the blood had stopped flowing. I could see the wound clearly now. It was my wound, same size, same place only now it was on his hand." Bronte could not believe it. If the people Brewster cares about get a cut, bruise, and sprains he gets their wound and their wound disappears. " It happens." "Always? With everyone"." No but only if I care about someone."
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Uncle Hoyt

Brewster and his brother Cody live with their uncle Hoyt. Brewster and uncle Hoyt have many arguments. One day Brewster came home to uncle Hoyt angry. " My uncle has taken up batting practice with the dinnerware. A minefield of broken china and glass." Uncle Hoyt was fired from his job. He had nothing left. Uncle Hoyt wanted to leave to go up north where their were more jobs. Then everything turned. " OH My God he is having a stroke". But deep inside Brewster still cares about uncle Hoyt. "My tongue is now fat and lazy, and life starts to trail away, and my body starts to give in. Brewster cares about uncle Hoyt and uncle Hoyt is having a stroke and now Brewster is slowly giving in. " want my life, NOT his death, my only hope is to stop caring. Soon Brewster stops caring. Uncle Hoyt had passed away.
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Bronte was facing down in the water. " There's no one but me. I cant swim. I leap into the water coughing and spitting in the face of gravity. Why is my chest is so heavy? Why cant i breathe?" And suddenly I know! Brewster drowned trying to save Bronte's life. They were trying to bring him to the surface. As soon as they did Bronte did CPR on Brewster. Tennyson called for help. Soon they were at the hospital. Cody Brewster brother was worried about him. Weeks had passed still no word from Brewster. Then the phone rang it was Brewster." Open your eyes, talk to us . we will keep our pain, but I promise we'll share our joy. Talk to us brew because we're finally ready to take your call.

why I chose to create this storyboard

I chose to create my storyboard this way because the book bruiser had many major plots. The events I chose are very important. They are important because all of the plots are what made the story unique in its own way. All of these plots had different twist's. If it did not have any twist the book would not be unique.