Islamic Empire

Alan Huo Jonathan Goh

Analyze religious differences of all three empires and how they deal with different religions. Ottoman empire:

Ottoman empire:

  • Everyone sought to be a Ghazi (religious muslim warrior).

  • does not promote polytheism because mostly muslim.

  • Christians were forced to send boys into the army and then converted to islam

Safavid empire:

  • The safavids would usually change their religious perspectives to gain popularity but eventually settled with Shiism that appealed to the turkish tribes.

  • The sunni ottomans despised the Shiite sufavids.

Mughal empire:

  • promoted religious toleration

  • encouraged an elaboration of an syncretic religion called divine faith.

Analyze the administrative techniques of the three empires.

All Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires were all military creations that were regarded as their rulers possessions. The appointed and dismissed officials on a whim and could facilitate any policies. The king would grant land to peasants as long as they pay tax.

Analyze the economies of the three empires and the role of trade in their empires.

  • Ottomans- Maize was not popular for human consumption but extremely popular for animal stock. Tobacco was big cash crop in the Ottaman empire and many coffee shops allowed people to drink coffee and use nicotine.

  • Safavid-The most sough out items from the Safavids were their raw silk, carpets, ceramics, and other high-quality craft items

  • Mughal-The did not have to participate in much trade because of their enormous size and productivity. They still allowed the creation of trading posts