Local Committee Updates

Yay Newbies!

Updates from the last week and for the upcoming week.

Lots of good stuff in here so READ THEM ALL. This newsletter contains:
Newbie Induction and onboarding.
Local Committee Meeting Time Preference
LCP Elections
Social Tonight
and of course, my selfie.


Congratulations to all who made it through the applications, the interviews and the Assessment Center aka Boot Camp. We are extremely proud you guys. You are now a part of a legacy that started 37 years ago at Purdue. You are a group of students who are going to change the world and the people in it with the work you do. And so, I welcome you and wish you the very best in your AIESEC experience.

New members for the following teams:
Outgoing Exchange (OGX): Chutong Zhao (Davidia), Saeeda Zaman, Shazana Alia Nadeem and Mengdan Wu (Megan)
Marketing (MKT): Aishwarya Balakrishna, AJ Vetter, Quynh Nguyen
Finance and Operations (FO): Jay Matos
External Relations (ER): David Day
Incoming Global Internship Program (iGIP): Kaveet Patel

Welcome, go forth and make friends.

Regional Kickoff Seminar (RoKS)

All new members and members who have changed functions NEED to attend RoKS.

RoKS will be Indianapolis October 2nd to October 4th.

You need to register and pay for RoKs by tonight!

Here is the website to do that: http://roks.aiesecus.org
Select Rowdies East as your Region.

If you have any problems reach out to me!

Register for RoKS here!

Make sure to select Rowdies East!

Local Committee Meeting Time Preference

Use this link to select the times when you are available for LCMs: http://whenisgood.net/swchiz2

Keep in mind that there are over 20 members and we can not always find a time that works for all, so please fill out the times that you can make yourselves available even if it is mildly inconvenient. Please have it done by Sunday 11:59PM. Any changes will be implemented the week after RoKS.


who has taken it upon himself to apply for the position of the Local Committee President of AIESEC Purdue for 2016.

Presenting to you Arvind Selvakesari(The guy next to Russell Brand)!

Elections will be Monday at LCM at 7PM in KRAN G010.

Find his Application here:

Social Things

Saturday, Sep. 26th, 10pm

West 200 North

West Lafayette, IN

Apt 2.

Come chill and let's get to know each other more!

Local Committee Meeting

Monday, Sep. 28th, 7pm


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YOU MADE IT TO THE END! I'll see ya tonight.