Civil Rights Biography Project

Due Monday, February 8 DURING your Ethnic Studies class!

Choose one of the following individuals related to Civil Rights:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Rosa Parks
  • John Lewis
  • Jimmie Lee Jackson
  • Malcolm X
  • Thurgood Marshall

Envelope Project

Your project must include the use of 5 envelopes to explain the biography of your chosen individual.

  1. One sentence describing this person's best accomplishment.
  2. Three statements about his or her life BEFORE getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement.
  3. Explanation as to WHY this person chose to get involved with the Civil Rights Movement.
  4. The result of his or her work in the Civil Rights Movement.
  5. Why you believe he or she is a hero to the Civil Rights Movement OR a short letter addressed to the individual expressing gratitude for his or her work in the Civil Rights Movement.

Obligations to complete the project completely:

  • 5 envelopes are needed
  • Each envelope must be labeled and include a picture dealing with the portion of the life inside the envelope.
  • The first outside envelope must have a picture of the individual, the name of the individual, and the date he or she was born and died. (If he or she has not died, include only the birth year.)
  • Envelopes must be attached to one another in a way they can move and open in a book like form.