By: Hope Egan



by Hope Egan

Butterflies in my stomach

Holding my breath

On my way to my first day of kindergarten

Mom replies, “You will be fine”

In the car breathing heavily. I was five

Mom says, “I will be there at 2:30.”

We park in the school lot

I am behind my mom

Walking slowly and steadily

Stummbiling over my feet

My mother grips my hand

Drags my behind. I was five

My stomach tightened

as we got Closer

and closer to the door

I wanted to run

We got to Mrs. Griffin’s class

I was shaking

You could hear my

heart beating

threw my cardigan

300 times over

I could hardly breathe.

Gasping for air, It felt like my head

was under water. I was five

We opened the door

Shocked to find

Friends that lived on my street

Toys and games scattered around

Books too high for me to reach

My very own cubby with my name on it

My mother had left

I thought with my hair in curly pig tails

With pink bows

Kindergarten has to be fun

It just has to

Don't be afraid, Five.