Founded in 1732


Georgia was colonized by James Oglethorpe who was given a charter from King George II of England. It was settled to serve as a place where debtors in prison could start over and to serve as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida.


Georgia as a colony was located between the Spanish settlement of Florida and the English colony of South Carolina. Being located here helped the economy flourish because immigrants would travel to Georgia in hopes of being awarded land grants and also as an area of trade of rice, beef, and pork.

Major Events

Savannah, Georgia was founded by Oglethorpe in 1733.

In 1752, Georgia became a royal colony that included plantations and slavery that became a main part of the economy.

Georgia ratified a constitution after the Revolutionary War.

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Key People

James Oglethorpe - Founder of Georgia, first governor and helped to develop a government and economy

King George II- Gave the charter to James Oglethorpe for Georgia, Georgia was named after him

William Stevens- Second governor after Oglethorpe, involved in the administration and socioeconomic life of the colony

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Fun Facts!!

Type of Colony: Royal

Religion: Anglican

Government: Proprietary

Trade: Exchanged with England, traded natural resources and animal products


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