Sulfur Dioxide

What is Sulfur Dioxide? How does it affect you?

What is Sulfur Dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide is a human produced pollutant within the atmosphere. It is produced through burning fossil fuels in factories, transporting in vehicles and heating domestic housing.

Environmental and Human Health Effects

One of the major effects of Sulfur Dioxide on the environment is Acid Raid. The sulfur dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere and condenses within clouds. Once it condenses acid rain falls on the Earth below. It corrodes the environment leaving plant and animal life vulnerable to death.

Inhalation of sulfur dioxide can have serious effects on human health. It has been reported that individuals experience burning sensations in their nose and throat. In addition airways being obstructed and air has a harder time getting through. In some cases individuals developed onset asthma.

How can Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Be Prevented?

Factories can implement various methods that limit sulfur dioxide emissions. Primarily the use of fossil fuels are the main source of sulfur dioxide. Using more renewable energy in factory use will lower emissions greatly. Taking public transportation is one way to help lower emissions. Car pooling with friends and family also helps lower emissions. Finding a way to implement renewable energy into domestic living is a useful as well. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in modern times. Many people have started using solar energy to heat their homes.