A book for you to get to know me!!!


My name is Jemma Dalley. I am 11 years old and I live in Kirwee, Christchurch, New Zealand. My address is Courtenay Road RD 1 Darfield.

Family and Friends

My Friends and Family are the best people in the world!

In my family have one brother, his name is Sam. My mum's name is Andrea and my dad's name is Shane. I have lots of cousins, aunty's and uncles.

I have lots of friends and I have made lots of new friends too.

My ideal friend is funny, nice and who can have a good time.

Just about... ME, MYSELF AND I


Pets, Hobbies and Things I Like

Some of my hobbies are: Playing Netball, Dancing and Hanging out with my friends.

The pets I have are two cats Sandy and Whiskey, a dog Molly, 2 sheep Poppy and Storm and 3 lambs.

I enjoy lots of things which a few are playing netball, dancing, swimming, hanging out with my friends and lots of other things.

My Life

In my life I have had many remediable moments and some I don't want to remember.

A few of my happiest moments were when I meet my little cousin Georgia, another was meeting my other little cousin Tessa and my other baby cousin Tane.

A few of my funniest moments are going... Going to Rarotonga, Fiji and going to Adrenalin Forest.

One of my saddest moments was when my Great-Pop died when I was in Year 5.