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May 2, 2016

Important Dates

  • May 2: GA Milestones Celebration
  • May 2: PLT Meeting
  • May 2 - 13: Professional Learning Rotation with Daisy in Conference Room
  • May 3: PTA & Music Performance (3rd Grade & Chorus) @ 6:30 PM
  • Tuesday May 3rd is Teacher Appreciation Day at all Atlanta area Chick-fil-A's. Any teacher will receive a free Chick-fil-A sandwich from 11am-8pm with proper ID. No purchase necessary.

  • May 11: School Nurses' Day
  • May 6: Field Day
  • May 16-27: Professional Learning Rotation
  • May 18: FCSS Digital Learning Day (9-10am)
  • May 20: Piney Grove G3 Day

End of Year F & P/SLO information

The FCS Elementary Post SLO window is now open! The dates are April 18-May 20; therefore, if you administer an SLO now, it can officially count as the final F & P for the year.

Some reminders:

  • Teacher of record must administer the SLO.
  • For F & Ps: alternate fiction & non-fiction. Start with the opposite of the last genre you tested.
  • For F & Ps: The highest instructional level will be reported.

Also, the SLO Assessment Examiner's Manual has information…if you can’t find your manual, you can find it in the FCS SLO course in itslearning. It’s located in the Elementary F&P Resources folder!

Summer itslearning Professional Learning Opportunities

Click the link to view the itslearning training classes offered this summer.

From Daisy's Desk

Old School or New School, Keep Parents Involved. – Lisa Mim

We all know how crucial it is that our parents are supportive and involvedin their child's education. We understand how important it is that they are aware of what is taking place in your classroom. The more supportive and involved parents are in their child's education, the greater the odds that their child will be successful.

For various reasons in this day and age, it is a difficult task making sure that our parents are involved. So here's the question: how do we keep them in the loop? Following are some tried and true methods I have utilized.

Click to read entire article

Lollipop Moments

~Thank you to everyone for the smooth GA Milestones season! Jan and I returned the tests on Friday and it went without a hitch! Thank you to David Krosner, Tiffany Paterline, & Kristin Martin-Mohr for all the extra time you spent helping us distribute & manage materials!

~Thank you to Pam & the cafeteria staff for their flexibility with testing schedules!

~Thank you to David Krosner & DAnielle Brown for their assistance with TKES surveys & sign-offs!

~Thank you to our fearless leader, Todd Smith! Yesterday was school principal's day and we wouldn't be #OneMidway without you!

Greg Orr & Common Core-lettes would like to send lollipops to:

  • Proctors for helping with Georgia Milestones testing.
  • Small group testers for pushing through during the loooooong days of testing.
  • 2nd grade teachers for joining us for breakfast and agreeing to switch classes with us to teach!
  • Ginn Schmeelk and Pam Gilbert for their many years of devotion to our students.
  • Todd/Admin for providing lunch for us! Nos encantan los elotes!
  • Danielle for completing TKES surveys.
  • Annie and Molly for the handkerchiefs for field day. So cute!
P3 would like to say:

1) Thank you to the coordinators, for all of the fun activities that we were able to accomplish during this competition.

2) Thank you to the Kindergarten Team, for letting us use our planning time to grab some photos.

3) Thanks to Kim Benton and David Krosner for all of their help getting our videos on the news

4) Thank you to the Mrs. Pam, for all of the hard work that she has put into the Lunchroom.

5) Thank you to GO and the Common Corelettes, for all of the friendly competition.

6) Thank you to the Bus Divers, for being patient while we performed our line dances. :)

7) Thank you to Jan, for taking a few moments to take a picture with us yesterday...we know you were very busy, but you still took the time to walk with us and take a picture.

This challenge has brought the P3 team closer, and has taught us that even though we may be competing against each other, we are a better Midway...together.


FCSS Digital Learning Day

To celebrate how far we've come with digital learning this year, the county would like to designate May 18th as Digital Learning Day throughout all of FCSS! Here are a few nuggets of information. More details with be coming!

  • We would like students to be participating from 9-10am on May 18th. This will concentrate all traffic to get an idea of itslearning’s ability to handle our usage. We also did not want it to be overwhelming to teachers or students. However, you are encouraged to organize an entire "No Paper Day" like we did a few years ago! :)
  • · Students don’t have to be online the entire time and we are understanding of the fact that every student may not have a device. With the use of the school technology, whatever BYOT devices are available, and collaboration we should have plenty of participation.
  • · Make it fun! This is a day of celebration. Feel free to share information about it in your classroom to get students excited. This will also increase the likelihood of them bringing in devices that day.

- - We are ONE Midway! - -