Wood Library Exploratorium

January 2016

20 Lone Star Book Challenge

In October, I challenged students to read 20 Lone Star Books this school year. It is a big number, but our students can do it. There are hundreds of books to choose from in a variety of genres, reading levels and sizes. All students have to do is read the book and log in each Lone Star book they read online. To motivate students to try, all students who reach the goal will be invited to a celebration at the end of the year and will be into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. For further information about the 20 Book Challenge and the list of Lone Star books, please see the hyperlinks below.

Spring Book Fair is Coming !

The Exploratorium will be hosting the Spring Book Fair February 1-5th. Sixth grade will be coming with their English classes and seventh and eighth grade will be visiting with their reading classes. We should have a great selection of all kinds of books, including bargain books. For each book a student buys, his or her name will be entered into a drawing for a bag of goodies from the Book Fair.

Funds earned from our book fairs go back to the students. It helps us pay for new furniture as well as programming like Think Tank materials, craft of the month, board games, book clubs and other activities.

App of the Month - PhotoMath

Photomath is a free app that is available for both Apple and Android markets. It's a great tool to help check your math assignments at home. You scan the formula and then the problem and it is supposed to solve the problem.

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