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May 2015

Baby Steps to Good Health

Do you ever feel like you have hit a wall on your journey to good health? Lately I have. We have unjunked our junk food by replacing them with foods that don't have artificial dye, sugars, colors, high fructose corn syrup, transfats and limited preservatives BUT we are still eating too much sugar at my house, too much processed foods and too many of the natural foods we are eating fall into the sugar or high starch variety, corn, peas, fruits, potatoes. I have taken a few more baby steps in my journey this week to try to reduce the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and baked potatoes for lunch and the cereal for breakfast. I did things like make dinner for lunch. Jack my oldest actually help me make Chicken Masala for lunch one day but he didn't let me use the mushrooms! HA! We made nitrate free bacon and sausage for breakfast before I got out the cereal to help get them fill on protein first. Neither one of them really like eggs. = ( I said "no" to juice and dessert. I made doTERRA trim shakes as a snack which is sweeten with stevia, I used homemade cashew milk! So yummy! I bribed my kids with screen time to eat green beans. Then me and my boys sat down and watched "Hungry for Change" together on Netflix. I am now thinking I need a juicer for mother's day! I feel like we have a long way to go as a family, so that we are eating whole foods as most of our diet. At least today I feel l like I took a baby step in the right direction. I am thankful that I have eternal life through Jesus Christ without having to work for it. I can see just through my eating that making the right choice every time just doesn't work in this fleshly body. I really started this journey as a student and ended up being a teacher. I share what I have learned but I am learning so much from you. Please drop me a line or find me on facebook and tell me some of your babysteps to help get your kids (or husbands) eating whole foods.
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Click here for the cashew milk recipe

I only soak cashews 2-4 hours. I use 8 oz of cashew milk to 2 scoops of trim shake.

Click here to see snack ideas babyfoodsteps!

This blog has tons of information, on nutrition, health and mitochondrial!

This months promotions!

If you are not already using Slim and Sassy, this would be the month to try it at 10% off. I love one drop in my water or 4-8 drops in a whole glass picture of water. I love the energy lift I get when using the slim and sassy. Lemon is the product of the month this month! I taught a whole class on lemon last week! It is phenomenal. You will want to use lemon in every aspect of your life, cleaning spa, food and health. See the links below! If you have a friend that has been wanting to join with their own wholesale account this is a great month to do that. With every enrollment order of 100 pv the new enrollee gets 50pv to spend on more product. The 50 pv shows up in their account in 3 days so it is an awesome way to get started on natural solutions with the most oils!
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Do it yourself!



Thursday, May 28th, 8:15-9pm

This is an online event.

I am planning an EPIC Facebook Class. The class will start on Thursday night May 28 at 8:15. It will continue on Sunday night May 31 at 8:15 pm and the last night will be Monday June 1 at 8:15. The class will be conducted via private facebook group, so you must be invited to be put into the class. There is going to be BIG Prizes with the biggest one being a Family Physicians Kit. You won't want to miss this class. Email me at to be added to the class or send me a pm on facebook.

Coming to DFW

Thursday, June 4th, 9pm to Saturday, June 13th, 11pm

Dallas Fort Worth Area

I am coming to DFW in June. I have a lunch and learn scheduled at an office on Friday, June 12, I have a make and take class scheduled in Murphy at a private home on Saturday June, 13. I plan to have 2-3 more classes in the area. If you are interested in class details or if you can host a class please contact me. Hostess gifts are going to be AWESOME and you would really help me in sharing these gifts of the earth!

Donna's Good Health Team

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