E Team Newsletter

Week of September 9th


Homeworkopoly? You are probably wondering what this is...It is a positive incentive and reward that all students can earn if they complete their homework, get their Yellow Monday folder signed and their behavior chart from the previous week signed on time.
Students can earn Homework Passes, Lunch with a Friend, a free book, an Art Pass, and participate in Trivia Challenges. We hope that your child will have fun playing Homeworkopoly just as much as we do with them!

Mastery Club Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Topher K. and Weston W.! They have mastered 16 challenges and are now in our Mastery Club Hall of Fame. We are so very proud of Topher and Weston!

Math & Science with Ms. Ellis

Students are busy exploring patterns in multiplication and division in math class. It is important to learn that multiplication and division are inverse operations that relate to one another. Students are realizing that if they know that 4 x 6 = 24, they should also know that 24 / 6 = 4. Although multiplications were taught last year, we are finding that students are in need of practice. I can’t stress enough how important it is that your child have the multiplications memorized prior to investigating higher level math concepts. Please practice multiplications at home.

We have begun Accelerated Math! Students are not expected to meet a goal this week, as we are just getting started. Students are expected to master at least 3 objectives by next Friday, September 20th. We are desperately in need of printer paper for Accelerated Math. If you are able to send in any paper, we would greatly appreciate any donations. Send them in anytime!

Ms. Ellis’ science class is learning about Static Electricity in science. We have conducted an experiment with balloons and have discussed atoms, protons, electrons, and positive/negative charges. We have watched videos on Discovery Education that show what causes lightning and how it is an example of static electricity. Take the time to ask your child what causes static electricity.

Language Arts & Social Studies with Mrs. Esposito

This week in Language Arts, students continued to practice/review reading and WTW HW procedures, revised and edited their Top Five Facts and worked on reading assessments. Students were also introduced to 100 Different Character Traits. Students scanned the list, picked out a word they did not know, and we discussed each one and tried to think of examples to fit the word. One of our favorites was "jovial" and the best example we thought of was Santa Claus. Other words we brainstormed were affectionate, argumentative, bewildered, cold-hearted, conceited, cooperative, obnoxious, pessimistic, vivacious, and witty.

Students have learned about the four categories our social studies concepts are divided into: Geography and Environmental Literacy, History of North Carolina, N.C. Government, and Impacts of N. C. Market Economy. We began our study by discussing North Carolina’s location by using a map. We will continue this discussion by focusing on the three regions of North Carolina.

Mastery Club Challenge of the Week

Mastery Club #16

Name 10 cities in North Carolina and be able to name and spell the capital too!

PTO Information - Turn in EVERYTHING by Friday, September 13th - Thank You!!

Coupon Book sales are in full swing! Remember, buy 5, get 1 free!

Please remember to save Box Tops, Coke Rewards Caps, Campbell Soup Labels and Tyson Chicken Labels.

PTO is also collection used ink cartridges, toners, cell phones, and small electronics.

Mrs. Esposito is collecting SunnyD labels and Kellogg's Codes for free books!