Mobile Learning Apps

5 Good Ones for The Young Ones


Animoto is an online application that allows you to upload photos and documents to create an online video. It could be used in a classroom setting as part of a project on a specific topic or as an additional visual aid to a presentation. Teachers could also use it as a teaching tool to convey material to students.
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VoiceThread is an application where the user can create a presentation and record embed their own audio, therein functioning as both a visual and an auditory tool. Having students create presentations on VoiceThread and publishing them publicly allows for students to demonstrate presentation skills without a live audience. This is useful in the modern world of online communication and so is a useful tool for all ages to present reports or critiques on.
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Journal Jar

Journal Jar is a creative writing tool. Students shake their mobile device and are prompted with a topic to write on, then have 5-10 minutes to write. This tool stimulates quick, creative thinking and would make a great language arts activity for students; getting them writing an escaping potential monotony. Excellent warm up for a class!
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Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

This app allows children to create dialogue for a news story that will then be delivered back to them by the avatars Tom and Ben. This is a great tool for a social studies class, have students research a current affair then use this app to create a news cast.
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This app is well suited for older students. It can be used to create a podcast which can then be shared on students phones and digital media players. This would be useful for social studies class, once again a current affair or social issue could be the central focus and students could research and podcast their findings and opinions.