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Our Class Newsletter 1/11-1/15

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

2nd grade was full of fun games and learning! One thing we are taking a break from is tag at recess! There have been some problems, so we decided to give it a rest for at least a week. In class meeting we are reading a book called Jake Drake Bully Buster. We are discussing bullying and doing different mini-lessons on the topic. The kids are loving the book and the discussions are great!

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

Our spelling rule this week was the sound of /ee/ which makes the long e sound. This week was our first spelling test with two dictation sentences! In grammar we have been learning about prepositions and ended the week with some fun review activities to help us remember preposition words. Ask us about them! We are continuing to edit and rewrite our Super Kid Glasses story! We learned about Author's Purpose for our comprehension skill this week and read some examples together to try to figure out if the author wrote the passage to entertain, persuade, describe or explain something. In centers we picked a biography book to read and then created a stick person to look like the person we picked. We also wrote two facts about that person and glued them to the stick! The picture is an example of Pocahontas


In math this week we continued practicing with addition word problems and being able to also identify our estimation clue words: about, roughly, and approximately. We know that if we have an estimation clue word in our story problem we have to round before we can add. After our assessment, we moved into subtraction without regrouping and regrouping to the 10s. Regrouping with subtraction can be challenging, so please let me know if your child could use some extra support, and I am happy to have tutorial with them.

Social Studies

We spent the week reviewing the different types of landforms and bodies of water. We had such a fun time playing Kahoot to review all of them. On the ipads, we explored the app Landforms and we played a landform matching game. Our highlight was making the edible landforms!

Jewish Studies

Week of January 8th, 2016

In our first week back from break, we reflected on the women of Shemot (Exodus). We discussed how each could be called a heroine and why. To best illustrate the actions and qualities that made them a heroine, the class created a portrait gallery. Each group was assigned a heroine and was then asked to create a portrait of them. In addition to the illustration on the portrait, each group had to write specific details about their heroine. These details included: name, age (their guess), background information (where they grow up, etc.…), what they are best known for, and a personal motto the person would have had. The kids truly excelled at this project.

Week of January 11th, 2016

This week we read the story of Moses and the burning bush, and took a very close look at the dialogue between Moses and G-d. We learn in this parsha that Moses is “slow of speech” and that he is concerned that the Israelites in Egypt will not believe him when he speaks of their freedom. We spent time in class examining Moses’ role as a leader to the people of Israel. The result was an excellent tug of war session. Tug of war in this context, is a way of seeing the thoughts of a group in terms of agreement with the question asked, or disagreement with the question asked. The question given was: Is Moses a good leader? To the left of that question, on the board, was a statement that stated: Yes, Moses was a good leader. To the right was a statement that stated: No, Moses was not a good leader. Each child was given a pad of post it notes and told to choose their side and explain why? It was an amazing experience for both the kids and myself!


Dear 2nd grade parents,

Our Hebrew cursive letter this week was ז (ZAYIN) with the following vocabulary words:

Move זָז , duckאַוָּז , tailָזָנָב , earsאָזְנַיִם , flyזְבוּב .

Here is a fun Hebrew letters practice:

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Important Dates

1/18- no school, MLK Day

1/19- spring after school enrichment begins

1/25 - Landform Project Due (your child will present during that week)

1/29- our class leads Kabbalat Shabbat

4/19- our class' Passover Seder, 8:15 AM

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