Manoka Tribe Before The True Human!

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Manoka Tribe Before The True Human!

Once upon a time there was an island named Manoka island! This island was found from the ancient indian tribe of Manoka. They found this island for a storm that had happened in Australia the storm was so bad they had to leave their homeland. This storm was so bad they had to make a boat and set to sea and pray that they will soon find a new land where they can rest, repopulate, claim that land theirs and try to make it something like Australia.

As the tribe set to see the lightning struck the wooden boat and took half of the boat down! Sadly two of the tribe members had died and have sunk to the bottom of the forbidden evil cold sea. The whole tribe was crying in fear they had know idea what was going to happen to them they stayed up 7 day and 7 night in fear of the evil devil lightning! The exploding storm has now died down with power and know they are going to sleep in the wet, soaking boat uneven of the lightnings rouen. They have woken from their deep hibernation sleep and feel soaked with water. Everywhere they looked all around the tiny round wooden boat and saw another tribe member had been missing.

They looked everywhere they could in this sea of sacrifice they soon all thought to themselves and said “he’s dead now he’s in a better place”. They got over It by night time and despair and hunger. They saw an enormous island and they were super excited but the thing was they had saw an animal not just any animal it was mysterious and gave them all a question mark above their heads. They saw this animal on the beach on a tree close to their faces. They were curious what the so call animal was and what to call it? They went to the island forgetting how to walk and how to stand.

They felt sad and lonely in themselves knowing that three people did not survive and the whole Australia has been wiped out and everybody the tribe had known and cared about deeply had died with their own will! They know what they were supposed to do they had saw the so call animal and it had ran super fast into the unknown forest and the three tribe people had chased down the animal into its virtual habitat called a Mya Mya tree. They had looked inside the tree and saw that the animal was cornered and he had no place to run and their was his nest full of egg shaped gold and diamonds. They all took the expensive items in the nest. They had no choice they had to kill the animal and eat it if he didn't they would all die of hunger. They soon killed it with a sharp stick but the animal did not go down without a fight the animal had died very badly the indians were covered with scars and lots of scares and covered with dark, red blood!

They had kill the animal and as an unitfull animal of meat they called it the squibbit it looked like a rabbit and a squirrel had mated and it maked this pink buckteeth animal. After they were done with the feast they made a wooden house inlaid with stone brick they did not trust wood anymore on what they have been seen! They made spears made with arrow heads found in the trickle of water near the pond. They explored the land in and out and have found no danger nothing bad and a peaceful island so they made an village after village after village and soon made a very big city to make lots and lots of lots of paradise and nice relaxation and lots of fun. That is how the Manoka island was found but nobody knows how this island was made by that is just going to be a mystery for all of us. This tribe dies many years before 1900 the stones were sunk into the ground of Manoka! “God be with you”. Manoka tribe Rip that is how the Manoka tribe had found this island and how they lived and how we remember them with all their hearts!

A part of Manoka island!!!!
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