Good Route to Good Credit

Guidance on good credit and keeping it

What is credit?

Credit is the ability of being able to receive goods, services, or money without paying at the moment but will later on be payed. It is important to obtain and keep good credit because it can affect you in the future. For example, renting a nice apartment can depend on the type of credit you have.
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3 habits proving good credit

These are some examples of habits that will prove you qualify for a good credit.

- Good job

- Responsible of payments (paying on time)

- Manage your money

What is a credit score and why is it important?

A credit score is a three digit number that is calculated from your credit report. It is important because it can affect whether or not you are approved for mortgage, loan or credit card.
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Good vs. Bad

As shown on this image, the best credit score would be 850. A bad credit score would be 300.

How to improve your credit score

Having a good credit and maintaining it

To keep a good credit, there are many things you can do. These are a couple of them.

- Manage your credit

- Make timely payments

- Staying in touch with your creditors