College Visits at Hillsboro High

2018-2019 School Year

Back to School at Hillsboro!

We have just begun our 1st semester at Hillsboro and we are already getting many request for visits. This is a big year at Hillsboro as we continue our Construction Remodel phase of Hillsboro. Our enrollment for Hillsboro this year is at approximately 1250 students! We will have only 3 slots available this year. At 8am, 10am, & 10:30am-12:30. 8am & 10am slots are specific for a 30-45 minute information share session. The 10:30am -12:30 slot is designed as a stop in session during our 4, 30 minute lunch blocks.

How to Schedule a Visit

Majority of College visits are scheduled in the library and promoted through the Counseling Department. Non-Profit Colleges can schedule a visit by following the Scheduling Link to reserve a time. If you have any additional needs or have a flyer to send electronically, please email the librarian

College Visit Registration Link

Please email me at after you have registered so I can send you a confirmation through Outlook Calander.

We are in the Central Time Zone. Please verify when scheduling that the times reflect Central Time Zone. I will always email to confirm with you.

Day of Your Visit

Visits with students will take place in the Flex Lab of the library. Depending on how many students register for your event will determine how we will set up. The time frame on average is 30-45 minutes with students.

Questions our Students might have?