Fast and Slow Earth Changes

Fall 2017

Learning Target #2: I can use media to make observations about Earth’s events.

Fast Earth Changes

1. Watch the video about the fast Earth changing events.

Fast Changes to Earth
2. Read this article about "fast earth changes" (flooding)


Watch this video by the Dr. Binocs Show called " What is an Earthquake?"


3. Watch this video reading the book "Disaster Zone: Hurricanes"


4. Watch this video called "Volcanoes Blow Their Tops"


Listen to Mrs. Davis read the National Geographic Article "How Tornadoes Form"

Slow Earth Changes

6. Watch the video about slow Earth changing events.

Changing Earth: Weathering and Erosion

What is Weathering?

What is Weathering?

How Erosion Works
4. Pick one "slow change" article to read.

Melting Glaciers

Listen to Mrs. Davis read this book entitled "Learning about the Earth: Glaciers"

Application of Learning

See Mrs. Davis to get a sorting sheet.
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