John Adams


Politcal Party Pov

The desire to start a strong central government. The Federalists were in favor of the Constitution and believed that it did not require an extra bill of rights because they believed that human rights was universally understood, and that setting specific guidelines for human rights encourages people to find technical loopholes.

Foreign policy (Jays Treaty)

1794 Jay Treaty was a 1794 treaty between the United States and Great Britain that is credited with averting war . The party split over negotiations with France during President John Adams’s administration, though it remained a political force until its members passed into the Democratic and the Whig parties in the 1820's.

Domestic policy (The Whisky Rebellion)

A dispute originated in a decision undertaken by Congress, at the behest of Hamilton, to institute an excise tax on distilled whiskey. Hamilton, though aware that excises had always provoked opposition, believed that the tax was necessary to meet the burden of the state debts assumed by the government.