Witherlea School Newsletter: Week 6

Monday / Rāhina: 8th March 2020

New Look Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you our 'new look' Newsletter which can be downloaded, is available at the Office in hardcopy and also has at the top a translate button to have this in your first language.
COVID-19 Update

We are back at Alert Level 1 - please use the link above to go to the COVID website for more details. Keep using the COVID app via our QR Code posters around the school.

Week 6 - Wiki Tuaono

Principal Message

Kia ora koutou Witherlea whānau,

We are halfway through this term and as usual time seems to fly within our school gates especially when we are in and out of Alert Levels. Thank you for all your support through these last couple of weeks.

We are heading towards our first inter-school events for the year; Tackle Sevens and Swimming. Our Year 5-6 students are preparing for these with practices held at lunchtimes.

As Witherlea is a SunSmart school we do need to ensure all our students are wearing our bucket hats (named) and due to the beautiful summer weather, our classes swim most days of the week so togs, towel and goggles are important items to pack each day. It is an essential skill for a child to be able to change themselves in and out of togs so please practice this at home.

We have our Parent-Teacher Interviews on Monday 22nd-Wednesday 24th March. We will be having an Early Finish at 1pm on Tuesday 23rd March so that we can hold interviews from 1:30pm-7pm. The code to book via the SchoolInterviews site is in this newsletter. See below.

These interviews are considered compulsory as we will be collecting information from all parents and caregivers about the type of goals and target areas we can focus on, together, to support all our learners to make progress. This will be the first time we create the Initial Reports together with our families / whānau and we are excited about this development.

Please ensure you book only one interview per child as this is all the allocation we have and it is important that all family members are on the same page and hear the same message.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Andrea Harnett - Tumuaki


Please click here to book your Parent-Teacher Interview time - ensuring that you only take one per child so everyone has an opportunity to meet with their classroom teacher.

Nau mai ki te kura o Witherlea

We wish to welcome these new students and their families and whānau to our school and community;

Sam B, Amelia-Rose C, Freddie M, Charlotte M, Itay S

Welcome to School Certificates are given out at our Flag Raising on a Monday morning at 9am when we are in Alert Level 1.

Term 1 Events - Wahanga Tuatahi

Week 6 - Wiki Tuaono

Monday 8th March- Friday 12th March

Monday 8th March

Flag Raising

Tuesday 9th March

Witherlea School Parent Community Group Meeting 7:30pm Staffroom

Wednesday 10th March

Kowhai 'Whites Bay' Learning Trip; Room 15 and Room 17

Thursday 11th March

Kowhai 'Whites Bay' Learning Trip; Room 16 and Room 18

Friday 12th March

Assembly: Introducing Kowhai 2021 @2:15pm

Week 7 - Wiki Tuawhitu

Monday 15th March- Friday 19th March

Monday 15th March

Flag Raising

Week 8 - Wiki Tuawaru

Monday 22nd March- Friday 26th March

Monday 22nd March

Flag Raising

Monday 22nd March-Wednesday 24th March

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 23rd March


Early Finish for Interviews 1:30pm-7pm

Thursday 25th March

Marlborough Swimming Champs

Friday 26th March

Assembly: Introducing Punga @ 2:15pm

Week 9 - Wiki Tuaiwa

Monday 29th March- Wednesday 31st March

Wednesday 31st March

Marlborough Tackle Sevens Tourney - Lansdowne Park

Thursday 1st April


Friday 2nd April - Tuesday 6th April


Week 10 - Wiki Tekau

Wednesday 7th April - Friday 9th April

Wednesday 7th April

School Photos

Friday 9th April

Assembly: Introducing Punga Hub 1 @ 2:15pm

Week 11 - Wiki Tekau Ma Tahi

Monday 12th April - Friday 16th April

Monday 12th April

Flag Raising

Friday 16th April - Last day of Term

Whānau Open Day @ 11:30am-1pm

Resilience in Children

Resilience is one of the most talked-about capabilities we collectively want for children and adults but can be such a HUGE word with no tangible ways to connect to it. We often make it 'too out of reach' for us and them. In simple terms building resilience in children is about acknowledging when things are hard, tough, sad, frustrating and having a positive outlook or ways of dealing with them.

We know in the school setting that missing out on teams, or coming last, or not being good at something straight away can be difficult, especially when it looks easy for others or they get in and/or win. This difficulty is essential for children to discuss, understand and know that they can get through it. Their parents and teachers model the 'growth mindset' language to work through difficult situations.

We also see children who are not getting on with peers, others in the playground or even adults in the school. They go home and seek support and often our first reaction is to fight for the child. Our belief and that of the research is to acknowledge the emotions the child is feeling, support them to see the positives in every situation and then talk to them about how you often find things difficult too when you misunderstand someone or a situation or vice versa.

Saving our children from being angry, hurt and frustrated seems like the right thing to do but supporting them to work through these situations and come out stronger, braver and with a positive mindset sets them up for the challenges of adulthood and ultimately builds their resilience.

See the attached PDF tips from the Sparklers website for parents and teachers which is designed to support 'Wellbeing' in children.

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair Shoutouts

Ferns Team

Theo S - Consistently working to his personal best in all classroom activities.

Jack T - Being a kind friend and role model to the new children in our class.

Punga Team

Sophie C - Always showing respect to all, being kind and consistently doing the right thing.

Charlie M - Being kind to new students and showing them how to be kind to others.

Kowhai Team

George D - Consistently making positive choices in the classroom and being an independent learner.

Charlotte M - Sensible, kind, caring and modelling our school values.

Kauri Team

Xanthia A - Always showing integrity and honesty in the classroom

Sam M - Leading Road Patrol, filling in for others and supporting students to turn up.

These students have been using their kind, safe and fair qualities within our school, towards other students and supporting our culture at Witherlea.

Early Words Recognition

Congratulations to these students for completing their Early Words;

Hazel B, Blake B, Madelyn T-K, Tobias W

We are very proud of the effort towards learning that our youngest students put in as the Early Words is the start of mastery at Witherlea School.

WSPCG Meeting

Tuesday, March 9th, 7:30pm

Witherlea School Staffroom

Come to the first meeting of the year in the Witherlea School Staffroom and meet new parents and the Parent Committee to hear the 2021 fundraising ideas.
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