What causes a motive toward self-empowerment?


The story of Beowulf and many other literary compositions have one common symbol that represents self empowerment-depending on your own actions to accomplish a goal to benefit yourself.
Beowulf seeks to revenge Hrathgars kingdom and to kill Grendels mother. Even though his real motive is to bring back a trophy to accompany his new title as king; He wants his name to be remembered, even if he dies. So as he goes to the lair to destroy the mother of this beast, Beowulf orders his men to stay on top of the barrow in safety, observing the fight rather than participating in it. He wants to be the victor. To have a story of his own and not share his accomplishment. He fought Grendel and his mother is no match, or at least he thought. He was prideful in his power, and felt the only way to get rid of these creatures is to kill them himself, otherwise like before they would just always come back wanting more. To stop them for good, he took the responsibility into his own hands and went after the demon himself. He was self empowered by pride to kill the beast.

Harry Potter

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

In the Prophecy, Either Neville Longbottom or Harry Could have been the chosen one. Ultimately, Voldemort had the choice because he attacked the one he believed would be the one who would be able to defeat him. He choose Harry, the boy he thought would be the most dangerous to him, ’the Chosen one’. All he basically was to do as the ‘chosen one’ was destroy Voldemort. He felt after hearing the prophecy, that is was up to him to save the wizard world. He tried to go alone and do everything on his own. The responsibility fell on his shoulders as he stood up to defend his loved ones. But his loved ones stood up with him to accomplish his goal. He needed to protect them and he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He allowed this prophecy to control his mindset into thinking he only needed himself. Whether he sacrificed his life or not he felt it was his duty to try. All he knew was that he was it, he was their last hope. He went against his heart to follow his head into going into a battle self empowered to complete the prophecy.


Being taken from his home as a baby, Hercules was changed into a mortal. He still possesed his godly powers. As he grew up he felt as if he was different. He didn’t fit in. His ‘parents’ told him about how they saved him as a baby and took him in. He needed to get away and find his real parents, find his real home, and find himself. He was the son of Zeus, the son of a god. With his dad being a god, he expected his father to take him back, but it was out of his control. Zeus had no power to control fate. Hercules had to find a way all by himself to become a hero here on earth to return back to his father. Only he could create a reputation and a saving power that could take him back home. Hercules had to create his own fate to carry the responsibility of a real hero in order to be worthy to attend his home on Mount Olympus. He carried that weight and went through life striving to obtain his goal.

Paul the Apostle

Chosen by god to serve and spread the gospel, he had to leave everything behind and go through many trials to overcome obstacles trying to spread the gospel. He had Christ on his side, but felt it necessary to empower himself to drive forward and spread the gospel even after Christ’s death.

Audrey Heller- Getting Things Done

As the saying goes,

if you want to do
something, you better do it yourself!

For if you depend on others,

it will just remain, on the shelf.

Everyone has good intentions,

they will do it,
as they see fit,

however that’s not good enough for me,

as I’m anxious to get over with it!

Why should I bide my time,

when I can get started right away?

I have a world of patience,

so tell me, why don’t they?

Needless to say,

the more I think about it,

in order to get things done,

there’s nobody else to do it, so....

I guess, I happen to be, the one!

Taken - Official Trailer [HD]


What started out as a simple vacation turned into a scandalous kidnapping. In Paris, Liam Neeson’s daughter was taken. He knew they would take her and hurt her. He had to have so much faith to believe that after his daughter was taken that he’d be able to save her. He knew nobody could find her. Only he had the skills to find her and trace down her location. He knew he would be the only person to bring his daughter home. He was the only one that was willing to go after her and truly loved her to put his life in danger in order to save his daughter. He went after seeking revenge and followed his heart to empower himself. Without him his daughter would have died. She’s alive thanks to him; because of his dedication and responsibility and devotion taken to retrieve her.
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Miss Independent- Ne-Yo

He describes her as ‘miss independent’. She knows and doesn’t expect a man to take care of her needs. She knows if she wants something she will have to and be willing to work for it herself. She relies on her self to provide and to keep herself happy. She’s not gonna mess round and get her hopes up only to fall back down below her dreams. She finds a way to keep him at a distance in her life to keep away distractions from relying on herself. He talks about all the things she does and why he loves her. He loves her for being self-empowered. He knows she is a strong woman and can take care of herself. Because of his love for her, he tries to be that provider for her but she won’t budge. She sticks to what she knows.