Sabrina's residence of the future

100% eco-friendly

how my house is sustainable

the plants i have in my house reflect how eco-friendly my house is for example the peace lily. the peace lily removes all the harmful pollutants in your home like benzene , xylene and toluene. Another eco-friendly plant that is in my home is the phalaenopsis. the phalaenopsis is not only beautiful but it purifies the air in your home. the biome my house is located in is the mountain forest. some biotic things in my biome is marmots , squirrels and ferns.

my vegetable garden

In the backyard of my house I have a greenhouse with a large variety of vegetables in my garden such as potatoes , cabbage , onion , garlic and many herbs . my green house allows natural sunlight to get in and on the top of my greenhouse there is a ledge that allows rain water to get in and the water goes through tubes and waters my garden on a timer to when the plants need to be watered. I use no pesticides or fertilizers on my plants because the green house keeps away any unwanted bugs and animals all my plants are 100 % organic and grown by me.

my transportation

the transportation that I have park in my driveway is a smart car. the smart car is a electrically charged car that used no fuel so it is 100% eco-friendly. With my smart car all I have to do is plug it in over night and it is ready to use in the morning. although the smart car is very eco-friendly it was not my first choice , my first choice was a bike but living in the mountains it was very hard to get around on a bike so I chose a smart car.

my sponsored animal

the animal I chose to sponsor is at my local zoo is the white rhinoceros. I chose to sponsor it because it is endangered and it needs my help to pay for all its needs. for my adopted animal I pay $100.00 a month and with that money all its needs are proved for. The white rhinoceros natural habitat is Africa.

harmful chemicals

three very harmful chemicals that can be found in your house that can effect humans and animals is phthalates which can be found in air fresheners , BPA which can be found can be found in plastic water bottles and linings of food cans and PBDE which is found in furniture carpet padding and electronics.

elements found in phthalates

the elements found in phthalates are potassium and hydrogen. The element I chose for Bohr-rutherford is potassium.

potassiums place on the periodic table

potassium is found period 4 group 1 in the periodic table. metal or non metal ?. potassium is a metal.

my electrical energy source

the electrical energy source I chose for my home is solar power. I chose solar because it is very ecofriendly and it will never run out because it is powered by the sun. I think my choice of energy source is very sustainable because using solar powered energy dose not pollute the air or the water and it dose not harm the wildlife.

the physical structures that makes my house more energy efficient

the physical structures that make my house more energy efficient are the insulation that I put on my exterior walls and ceilings to help save energy I also have energy efficient windows. these windows provide my home with light , warmth and ventilation and they are also not too expensive. As well in my house I also have a energy efficient roof, energy efficient roofs can reduce your household energy use dramatically. there is several different types of energy efficient roofs , the one I have is the "cool roof". the cool roof is designed to reflect heat and sunlight. the cool roofs materials absorb up to 85 to 95 percent of the energy from the heat and the sun.

the appliances in my home

the appliances I have in my home are all energy efficient and they are all from energy star. In my kitchen I have a oven that is made to reduce energy use I also have a fridge that has LED lights inside to save energy. I also have a washing machine, my washing machine uses 25 percent less energy and 35 percent less water then regular washing machines. I do not use a dryer because I dry all my clothes on a clothes line because it uses less energy. those are all the appliances I have at my home.

light bulbs I use in my home

like everything else in my home my light bulbs are all energy efficient. I use LED light bulbs for all the lights in my home including the fridge. LED light bulbs last 10 times longer then other light bulbs. They also have no mercury in the light bulbs. the light bulbs only use 2-17 watts of electricity these light bulbs save energy in your home. Even though the LED light bulbs are more expensive then normal light bulbs they help you save money on electricity , they last longer then normal light bulbs and they are better for the environment.

types of technology in my home

the two different types of technology in my home that has been developed due to space research are smoke detectors, smoke detectors were invented 1970s by the sky lab. they invented it because astronauts needed to know if there was a fire or gasses were loose. Another thing that has been developed due to space is a vacuum cleaners and other power tools. in the mid 1960s astronauts would need to obtain small rocks and soil. they would also need to have a drill that was powerful enough to drill through rocks. another thing that has been evented by space is a water filter. they needed the water filter because when they were in space bacteria and illness was very common the astronauts needed a way to clean there water. as you can see a lot of technology was made due to space research.
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