Delta Wedding

By: Eudora Welty

Summary of Book

Delta Wedding is a story of a Mississippi family that is celebrating a wedding at their plantation. The family name Fairchild is a known name in the small town of which they reside in. The book shows the difference between family members, when they get together for the wedding. There is also a family secret that the Fairchild's are holding onto and it will leave you guessing till the end.


There are many characters in this book because it does not just have one or two main character, there is a whole family. The book skips around from family member to family member. Thought the one that stands out to me would be Laura Fairchild, orphaned by her mother. The whole family acts as if she is invisible, because when they look at her memories of her mother surface bringing sorrow.

Book Review

Delta Wedding was a great book that takes a look at the past. I really enjoy books that show how people use to live. This book is told not by one character, but by the whole Fairchild family. In all I would have to say that this book had great twist and I would defiantly recommend the book to other people.

Favorite Quote

"At the other end of the room the Victrola stood like a big morning-glory and there, laid with somebody's game, was the card table Great-Grandfather also made out of his walnut trees when he cut his way in to the Yazoo wilderness." (Welty Eudora, Delta Wedding)

This quote describes in more detail what the plantation looked like and describes it in more depth.