Margot is a teenage girl who is in hiding because of he beliefs. But she is not alone. It all started when she received a letter from the nazis requiring her to report to concentration camp for Jews. Her father, Mr. Frank immediately had the whole family including her sister Anne, her parents Mr. And Mrs. Frank, and herself pack their things and leave their home. They rushed to the secret annex above Mr. Frank's business where they lived for 2 years with seven other people until they were caught and sent to separate concentration camps where they were either worked to death of immediately killed in the gas chamber.

Symbol #1

I used this symbol to symbolize Margot because she is very quiet. Unlike Anne, she is shy and very respectful of other people. For instance, mr vandaan asks Anne " why aren't you nice and quiet like your sister Margot?" This is why she does not get into arguments with the other people who live in the secret annex.
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Symbol #2

I used this symbol to symbolize Margot because she is kind. For instance whenever Anne gets flustered at her mother, Margot always calms her down even though she doesn't support the way she treats her mother. Another example is when her mother is down, she always try's to cheer her up and tell her it's okay. Margot treats everyone equally and that is one of the reasons why she is well-liked.
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Theme- hope

The reasons I chose hope as my first theme because they had great hope that they would live a normal life again. Anne always complained that she missed her cat. They had to leave it behind for the neighbors to take care of while they were in hiding. A quote from the play that resembles hope is when mr frank tells Anne " you will see your cat again someday." Another example is when Anne asks Peter if he will remember her one everything was back to normal. They never had any thought that they were going to die in a concentration camp. They looked on the bright side of everything.

Theme- good vs. evil

i chose good vs. evil for my second theme paragraph because the whole play is written around good vs evil. When Adolfo hitler becomes dictator he believes that Jews are different from others. The Jews were innocent. He took businesses away from them, he sent them away to death/work camps, stereo typed them of having big noses, accused them of stealing, and much more. Therefore, Adolf hitler and the nazis were evil and the Jews were innocent.