JEB's Bush & Lawn Care

Keep your yard fresh

Our business has the best bush cutting in town

Are you looking for a professional cut? Hit up JEB's Bush & Lawn Care. We offer quality service at prices that can't be beat. This month there is a buy one month of lawn care, get ten years free. Thats a deal you can't get anywhere else.


$100 per Hour for Mow

$600 per Hour for Fertilizer

$3.5m per Hour for Big Package

$3 per Hour for Lawn Inspection

Recourses We Need

We need humans, lawn mowers, Bush wackers, weed wacker, rakes, watering cans, grass seed, telephones, trucks, trailers, and buildings.

We need investors!

Currently we do not have the funding to really expand the business. That is why we are calling out to the public for investments. These investments will create at least 100,000 jobs in JEB's Bush & Lawn care. We are targeting young people for jobs, so they will spend their money and stimulate the economy.