by Arianna Boisvert

spartan religon

Sparta had believed in Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, and Poseidon.

Zeus; chief god.

Athena; goddesses of wisdom.

Apollo; god of the sun.

Ares; god of war.

Aphrodite; goddesses of love

Poseidon; god of the sea.

spartan goverment

Sparta's government was a oligarchy. Two kings headed a council of elders. The council had 28 citizens over the age of 60.

awesome bakery items based on the city sparta

bakery items

The above pictured bakery items are based on Sparta which is one out of two most important cities in Greece. Sparta has fierce armies that are made up of soldiers that started their training at the age of 7.

Seven Amazing Fun Facts about sparta

Fun Fact number one

Spartan boys would graduate at the age of 18 and finish school instantly making them new citizens of Sparta.

Fun Fact number two

In the fifth century Sparta was very powerful. Sparta was viewed as very powerful because of their army. Their army was made up of soldiers who started their training as young boys starting at the age of 7.

fun fact number three

Sparta was one out of the two most important cities in Greece. Sparta was ruled by two kings and also a group of elders who were usually over the age of 60.

fun fact number four

Spartan girls were not allowed to go school unless their family was wealthy. If their families weren't wealthy they would stay home and be taught by their mothers to play sports, weave, and sew.

fun fact number five

Only boys were allowed to go to school and there would be three different teachers teaching them how to write ,sing , and play instruments.

fun fact number six

At the age of seven Spartan boys were forced to leave their families and were trained so that they would be ready to join the army at the age of 20. At the age of 60 boys could retire from the army but still be trained for combat.

fun fact number seven

If a unmarried woman went outside to a market or some place by herself it was considered shameful because she was unmarried. Boys had most of the rights while the girls had little to none. Only boys were allowed to become citizens.

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These helots or known as Spartan slaves have gotten food and are now caring it to their Spartan overlords.
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young solider

These boys are being trained by a teacher to be prepared for the army when they are older.