The Blackland Prairie Ecoregion

Come Join The Land Of The Outdoors!

Scientific Paradise!

Imagine a place, with lakes, grasslands, marshes, and dry land...scientific paradise! The Blackland Prarie is the perfect place to be!

Animals In The Blackland Prairie:

Exciting animals in the Blackland Prarie Include:

  • Coyotes
  • Black Tailed Prarie Dog
  • Monarch
  • Texas Horned Lizard

Landform In The Blackland Prairie

Major landforms include the mountains, rock piles, and hills.

They are caused by:

  • Weathering - The rocks and mountains are being weathered by the wind.
  • Erosion - The rocks and sediments are being carried away.
  • Deposition - The rocks and sediments are placed to form rock piles, and marshes.


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