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the world ends with

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There will be less volcanoes and earth quakes. This all sounds good at first until you realize that it is because the core of the earth has slowed down. The spinning of the liquid iron and nickel in the earths core is what replenishes the surface of the earth.
What If The Earth Stopped Turning?

water level

The molten core of the earth is boils up ion the Atlantic ocean then it freezes, this constantly replenishes the land that we are standing on. The core of the earth is what made the mountains climb to their tremendous heights and keeps all of the earths surface from slipping into the water.
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If the crust of the earth (the land that is sticking out of the water that we all walk and live on) is not rebuild and added on to by the molten lava beneath it. All of it will erode over hundreds of year and be carried back into the Ocean by rain. meaning there will be no dry land to stand on. Yes for you optimists out there, survival is a possibility if you want to huddle up on a little raft for the rest of your life and only eat raw fish. There would be no way of growing any crops because of the obvious reason there is no more soil to grow them in. on the "bright side" you can eat raw fish for the rest of your life. yes raw because you have no way of starting a fire because there is no wood to burn unless you start burning parts of you ship (bad idea)
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Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields protect us from space. Without any magnetic field we will have more blackouts. Our atmosphere will literally begin to vanish into space. All the air that we breathe will be gone along with our planet earth
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The Sun

As a result of are magnetic fields and atmosphere being destroyed with out there 2 essential things we will be exposed to sun flairs (big bursts of fire that comes roaring outwards into space that produce tremendous heat. witch if shot directly at earth could fry every thing in its path destroying pretty much every thing on that half of the earth.


If the sun flairs were not enough to kill you by its self i should probably mention that these sun flairs are highly radioactive. so if you happen to be the human torch and survive the original burn the amount of radiation that is left be hind will be sure to kill you


  • Mars is a much smaller planet so this caused it to freeze up faster
  • Scientists believe that this is what killed Mars
  • Without its magnetic field, the sun destroyed Mars' early atmosphere
  • However, this took hundreds of millions of years
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365 days = 1 day

Since the earth rotates on an axis, it has a certain period of time for a day and also a year. If the earth stooped spinning or slowed down, this would cause a longer day. It could even happen so that a day would be as long as our current year. 6 months of light, and 6 months of darkness.

The Perfect Sphere

This might seem like a small problem but its not. When the earth stops rotating on its axis, the earth will become a perfect sphere. This would cause the oceans to shrink and there would be nowhere for the water to go, except to pour onto our land. It would cause an immense amount of flooding and could put our continents underwater.
What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning?
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What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning