Felt and Eco Print in Australia!

10 days with Nicola Brown from 11th - 21th September 2020

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Felting, eco printing, tannin/iron, leather and up-cycled clothing

Friday, Sep. 11th, 11:30am to Monday, Sep. 21st, 11:30am

Skye Point Road

Coal Point, NSW

This exclusive 10 day non-residential workshop includes........

  • A welcome get together and lunch on the 11th followed by the afternoon getting organized in the studio. During this time we will look at samples, discuss options for our time together and get fully prepared for an early start the following day
  • 7 full workshop days where we will explore felting to print and printing to felt, submersion eco printing, steaming, tannin/iron reactions (without mordanting the fabric beforehand) and printing up-cycled clothing. We will be doing this in as environmentally friendly and health conscious a way possible
  • New for 2020 is an introduction to eco printing on leather!
  • Delicious fresh lunch and snacks each workshop day
  • An optional day off on 16th to explore the area. I will be working in the studio on this day and participants are welcome to join me if they would like. I’ll be off the clock from the teaching perspective but am very happy to man the eco printing pot!
  • A goody bag of my favourite embellishing fibres particularly suitable for felt that will be eco printed
  • Wrap up breakfast get together on 21st followed by 11.30am departure

Participants need to.........

  • Get to Coal Point
  • Organise their own accommodation and food outside of workshop hours
  • Bring their own workshop supplies, fibre, olive oil soap, sprinkler, towels, fabric, up-cycled clothing to print, poles to roll bundles around, string etc., etc.. I will provide a suggested materials list to all participants and don’t forget you’ll be getting a goody bag of embellishing fibres! Leather - Please note that I am happy to sell suitable leather to individual participants so long as I know this is required well in advance and I have time to source it

This retreat is suitable for both experienced textile artists and total beginners

Cost of the retreat

The retreat fee is $1250 (Australian dollars) and payable by bank transfer or via Western Union. In the event of someone booking but not being able to participate this fee is strictly non-refundable. You can nominate someone else to take your place but I highly recommend holiday insurance for peace of mind. 50% deposit is needed to secure a place and the balance of payment is due by the end of July.

NB There is an additional $50 materials fee payable at Coal Point to cover the cost of the tannin, iron and sundry supplies that we will use over the course of the workshop.

How to get to Coal Point

For international visitors or those not driving there are shuttles that run from Sydney Airport to Newcastle (the nearest airport) and from Newcastle Airport to Coal Point. One shuttle operator is www.foggsshuttle.com.au.

The closest railway station is Fassifern or we should be able to organise collection from Morriset.

Please make sure to check flights etc. before booking accommodation as it might be necessary to arrive on 10th rather than 11th.