Canterbury Stories

By Chris Goldman, Kenneth Cole, Nile Hundley, Bo Anderson


There once was a great raffle

The prize was a trip that would baffle

The newly discovered world was a very grand sight

A place so amazing and bright

The destination is Atlantis and the journey will be spectacular

The winners marked there calendars

For they were not going to miss this chance

The winners were a lucky 8

The first was a preacher so great

Also was an Italian and police officer

And a redneck who came along with the stock broker

From the south there was a politician

Also ridding up was a stoner and a Cajun on a mission

All of them gathered to bored the yellow submarine

But first they were greeted by there captain a marine

He told them all would tell a story on the way

To help the time melt away

So they boarded and departed

For the journey they were awarded


There was a police man on this journey

He love giving other people the can

For no one was safe from his gaze

He would give any person a fine to get his raise

He especially despised the teens of his city

For they were rowdy whit lots of energy

While in school he would check there stickers

And if an inspection was over due he would snicker

For he would wait to catch them at fault

And when he did they would halt and lock up like a bank vault

Big and imposing he was but slightly chubby to

For he had a addiction to donuts whit a cold Mountain Dew

He had a ruff past

And a good fellow helped him to last

But it did not seam to soften

His hard heart that's rotten

For he doesn't care about a poor mans problem

As long as he can be awesome

But his company is nice

When he's not pushing people on ice


An Italian was also there

He comes from the New York air

He owns an excellent little cafe

Where he makes the best pizza, bread, and quite the array

He greets all customers with a smile and cheer

Everyone buys something because to them it's clear

This is a hard working man who makes them feel worth there coin

But he does not ask them to his group and join

He has a secret that no one who comes knows

The mafia is his main show

And he is very good at what he does

For know one even hears a buzz of what he does

And he can look you in the eye

Smile and tell you the best of lies

If he had to be put to a choice

He would give a customer to his clan without a voice

And sleep fine the next night and sleep like a baby

But his company was nice and he could maybe

Make you feel like you were amazing


He lives down south in the heart of the Bayou,

where few men have gone, much less me and you.

Where he comes from the way of life is much different,

simpler things and items fill him with the same content.

A thick but short brown beard covered his face,

one that would tickle you if you were to embrace.

His accent was hard to understand,

but it was far from being anything bland.

He loved his seafood almost as much as he loved God,

Epicureans thought his priorities were odd.

His cooking was simply the best,

there wasn't even a slight contest.

He loved to hunt and live off the land,

and could do anything by hand.

His work ethic would leave an impression on you,

but he also graduated from LSU,

The only querk about him is that he's brutally honest,

sharing his opinion on a subject without a moment's rest.

But all in all I think he is a great guy,

plus there isn't anything he can't fry.

Southern Politician

He job is too govern the state of Alabama,

but some people would say that he doesn't give a damna.

He made his living in the oil business way back,

yet he still longs for a much bigger stack.

Other than that I'd say he's a godly man,

he does donate his money whenever he can.

His football watching is something he fills with pride,

I hear him constantly shouting Roll Tide.

He wore a suit around almost everywhere,

and pair of dark Aviators to match his hair.

His loud and raspy voice sounded as if he coached football,

when he spoke you could hear it all the way down the hall.

You could say that he is a family man and protecting,

because it seems as if his wife is always expecting.

I feel like he could be really good person,

if he would do just a little bit more for the right reason.

I heard him arguing with the Cajun about some rivalry,

at least he's preoccupied and not BSing to me.

My opinion is he's far from an Anomaly,

after all the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Stock Broker

There once was a child that was rich

Who had a little bit of a twitch

His parents were unfortunately rarely there

And usually he'd be angry and rarely care

He was at school and loved math

But ended up on a dark path

Of deceit, anger, and nothing nice

And had a weird love of rice

For he had built up anger for his folk

Because he was to busy to listen when he spoke

20 years later in a car his parents died

And as for the money he got all sides of the pie

He became a stockbroker who did succeed

Who also had the great ability to lead

He used his power of deception quite many times

In taking people's money down to dimes

He cared only bout himself and nobody else

But he loved to hoard money for only himself

He is now on a business trip to Atlantis the city

To get money from suckers,that's quite a pity

Baptist Preacher

A baptist preacher born of family and poverty

To teach the gospel in such ways as poetry

He knew the bible backward and forward

And could make anybody confident even a coward

He truly beloved there was good in everyone

And worked hard until the day was done

He would do for others before

And would help someone out till his last limb

His character was only as strong as heart

And usually if not always take the dart

He lives every day to be honest and true

But handsome so sometimes attacked by a shrew

He fights temptation and strife everyday

Without the glory of being paid

Traveled the word to spread the word

And his nickname was the bible nerd

He understands those who are against him

But he doesn't discourage or smite them

And now he is going to Atlantis today

To give the word of God and pray

The Stoner

Thin as a stick he was always hungry

Yet on weed is where he spent all his money

His eyes were low and very red

When it came to memory he might as well be dead

But he played a tune very well

He had keen ear for tone I could tell

His voice rang out in perfect pitch

With melodies that could soothe a witch

His dark hair contrasted his eyes of green

For some thought he was a fiend

He constantly denied these accusations.

Claiming these accusers were just hatin

His slim face looked down on others

He had great manners but no father or mother

He could roll a joint in under a minute

If there ever was a smoke trick competition he would surely win it

And he had no interest women just his love Mary Jane

Yet ladies followed him like zombies to a brain

As a whole he was always helping others

He considered all a band of brothers

The Redneck

The redneck lived in the woods

Hunting and fishing if he could

Shooting guns by day drinking at night

It was not uncommon to get in a fight

His beard and hair were both straight and long

And he whistled the tune of his favorite song

A war veteran u would never tell

He sent men's souls to hell

Yet he plowed fields and herded cattle

He'd been in more than a few battle

Does ur brain resist to rattle??

He's up the creek without a paddle

He loved one woman and she loved him back

They never had children as a matter of fact

But that must have been god's will

And that was just fine with them still

He worked hard and they had fun

And cleaned up the could both stun

But he was just hillbilly from the sticks

And nothing was too far from an easy fix

Cajun's Story

There was boy who loved to go hunting with his dad. He grew up hunting with his dad his entire life and nothing brought him more joy. He loved trying to catch bigger game than his his dad to try to prove himself to him. He had never gotten anything bigger than a young buck, and he was looking to change that. By now the boy is around the age of 13 and is starting to get a better grasp on the world. Yet he still wants to catch a bigger buck than his father to earn his fathers respect.

It was on a Saturday morning, their typical weekly hunting time. The sun hadn't come up yet and it was a cold and rainy morning. After they both got settled into their blind they set up and waited. The son was thinking to himself, "what if instead of waiting for nothing to show up again in this same blind, I'll go find a spot deeper into woods". He asked his dad if he could go further in and go looking for game. His dad told him that the best thing to do when hunting for bucks is to sit and wait. But he gave his son permission and told him to be back at sunrise. The son promptly got up and headed out if the blind, eager to impress his dad.

The son had been in these woods before, he knew his way around and was smart about his decisions. He stomped his way through the muddy soil, as the rain dripped down his face and onto his 12 gauge. After a while he came up to a part of the woods that he hadn't been to before. Everything in front of him looked unfamiliar, though he swore he'd been this far in before. He stood still for a moment looking around for any good resting spots. As he glanced down he saw a piece of wood, he reached over and picked it up and chunked it ahead. He heard a loud "thwack" as if the wood hit something that wasn't natural. He took a few steps further and saw a blind, sitting there by a tree just begging to be used. He eagerly hopped inside and blew his Buck call as loud as his lungs allowed.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, he heard a twig snap off in the distance. He whispered it himself "finally". He stared down his sights with an intensity like none other. Sitting there with no noise but the pitter patter of the rain. As soon as he saw a figure in the distance he measured up his shot and fired. But he missed his shot and the Buck sprinted away where it couldn't be seen. Disgusted he set down his gun and stared at the floor. Then his heart almost stopped, when he looked down the wood of the blind was slowly disappearing and him along with it. He threw his gun out the side and mustered up all of his arm strength to get him out what felt like in invisible cement. He fell hard to the ground, reached over and clutched his gun and looked back at the blind. It was back to normal. Except now there was a sign that had "Lamentations 3:25" painted on it in white. After backing up a few more feet he opened up one of his pockets which contained a bible and a cross. He reached in and grabbed the bible and began fumbling through it. Then he found it Lamentations 3:25 it read "The Lord is good to those who wait for him". After reading this out loud he looked up and the blind was gone, without a trace of it ever being there. And on that note he thought it was best to find his way back.

He backtracked through the woods for what seemed like hours. Then he came to the opening where he could see his father and the blind. He sprinted all the way to him and didn't look back. The father laughs as he says "how'd it go son?". The son replied "I think it would be smart if I stayed here and waited, after all that his how you catch bucks". The dad said in a joking voice "looks like you made it just in time" as he pointed to the sunrise.

Italian's Story

The group was gathered talking and the stock broker was talking about all the people and groups he betrayed on his way to his position of power. With that the New York Italian piped in and said there once was a young man that was quite handsome, and he also had a beautiful girl that he called his own. The man was looking for a true purpose in life and he found this group that promised wealth and direction for the man. At first he loved it and thought he had found a real cause and he was quickly rising through there ranks. One day after they returned from liberating some money the Lear approached him and said its time to prove yourself for the first time. The task his boss gave him seamed so simple but it's never easy to give up a beauty even if she was related to the enemy. Later that night he was spending time with his girl and thought about the his task but then he stared in to her eyes and realized he couldn't give all of her up. So he made sure they had an incredible night and they both realized how far they had fallen head over heals it was almost a poison. The next day when he showed up at the meeting his boss was angry that the job was not done and that he could not keep a un loyal man in his clan so out to the desert they took him and he was never seen again.

Preacher's Story

There once was a wealthy spoiled boy in California. He partied every night and slept all day for weeks at a time. His dad would always yell at him about getting a job or going to college. The boy would just reply by saying "I promise I'll do it tomorrow". The dad finally broke and decided to teach the boy a lesson. So, one day he woke the boy up early in the morning, took all his clothes, took away all his credit cards, and put him in a homeless shelter. Finally, he told him he had to stay here for 3 months and that you have to go to work everyday. He begged and pleaded the whole ride to the shelter. To no effect his father dropped him there and didn't look back. The first month the boy tried every way to get out of there, but his father had security guards surrounding the area everyday. The second month he cried, sobbed, and whinned to the people who served him free stew everyday. He eventually got so hungry he started to become grateful for what he got and started to work hard at his job. The third month he had become the humble and hardworking man that his father wanted. Unfortunately, the boy's father died of a heart attack during the three months he was gone. He finally understood what his father was trying to tell him. He inherited his fathers business and McDonald's is doing very well.

The Redneck's Story

There was once a tuna that lived deep in the sea. His name was Neptune. He was named after the god of the sea, yet he was smaller than all the other male tuna his age. It was impossible for him to find a suitable mate although he was very fast, faster than a bolt of lightning he could streak through the depths. He was never close to being netted or eaten due to his speed, but many of his friends didn’t have a problem getting away from predators either. So ultimately Neptune was looked at somewhat of an outcast. One day the whole school was famished and hadn’t eaten in weeks, except for Neptune cause he always managed to chase some little fish down and have a snack but they had not come across a large quantity of bait fish in a while and everyone was getting very irritable. They thrashed their tails and bit at one another feeling helpless and frustrated. this is when Neptune spotted a school way off in the distance. The flurry of movement made his mouth chomp in anticipation, he knew though that if he chased them now he would get enough for him and no one else would be fast enough to catch any food for themselves. So he dove deep and fast in their direction and eventually soared from the darkness from the other side of the school of baitfish and they scattered toward Neptune’s school of tuna, and allowed the tuna to take advantage of the chaos and fill their bellies. No one noticed or knew what Neptune had done but himself, but he still felt a great feeling deep within himself to help his fellow tuna.