Peer Pressure

Be a leader NOT a follower

Differents words leading into being Peer Pressure

-Peer pressure is when someone or a group of people tries to get you to do something you are uncomfortable with.

-About 66% of teenagers have been peer pressured at schools or around an school environment.

-A reason why it is difficult to avoid peer pressure is because many teenagers wants to be accepted by people they want to impress.

More about Peer Pressure

1) Your parents pick and choose your friends for you when you are young

2) It can be hard to resist from doing things that others are doing

3) Just about everyone have been in a peer pressured situation at one point of time in their life.

4) Bad groups of people don’t give out signals for you to join them. You should already know how they act and they will notice you at some point and would like for you to join them in dangerous activities they do.

5) A tip that you should always for when you are in a peer pressure moment is always listen to your gut because it tells you what is right and what is wrong and majority of the time you gut have the right answer to your problem.