Winfield Weekly

October 12, 2015


Could this be you in the future? Another way to continue your learning...
Rising Above-Indiana’s National Board Certified Teachers


Monday, October 12

Jillian OOB 12:30-3:30 (Principal's Meeting)

Tuesday, October 13

Gradebook PD w/KINDERGARTEN @ 8:05 a.m. (Amanda Kosiba's Room)

Wednesday,October 14

School PD @ 8:05 a.m. (Media Center) TOPIC: iObservation Elements 1 & 2

Thursday, October 15

Grade Level Meetings @ 8:05 a.m. (Team Leader's Classroom)

Earthquake Drill

Friday, October 16


*Upcoming Dates

October 16th & 19th-No School

October 22nd- Student of the Month Breakfast

October 26th- BUZZ Training w/First and Second Grades

Notes and Other News...

  • I will continue visits in classrooms this week for a 10 minute walkthrough. I will share notes via iObservation. We will only meet after if you request to. My look-fors are Learning Goals and Tracking Student progress.
  • Please remember to only send what is necessary to the COLOR PRINTER.
  • Bully Prevention Blue and Denim on Mondays in October.

Teacher To-Do's

  1. Continue recording Parent Contacts on Google Form.
  2. Submit your weekly newsletter via email (preferred).
  3. Learning Goals and Tracking Student Progress are embedded in your daily work. New teachers: speak with your mentors about this. We will schedule time next week to discuss this topic more.
  4. Please make sure your students are ready and packed at dismissal time. If you have the last special of the day, they should be packed before they go to their special.


  1. Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled on October 28th and 29th (Wed. and Thurs.). These are Half-Days for students.
  2. Goal is to half 100% participation. Last year, we had almost that!
  3. Classrooms with 100% participation will earn a Popcorn Party.
  4. Create a parent sign-in sheet. This will be copied and turned in as documentation of parents who participate.
  5. Likely you will not fit in all parents in the two afternoons. You may schedule them as late as you need. Communicate with the office if you will be having parents after 4:30 p.m. We will not have any morning meetings that week (except for Grades 1/2 on the 28th with Susan) to help you accommodate additional parents.
  6. VolunteerSpot is an extremely efficient way for your parents to sign up for conferences. Many people used it last year. Talk with your teammates if you are unfamiliar.
  7. Please send out your link to sign-up, or however you are communicating to parents, by Thursday of this week (before Fall Break).
  8. If there is any family you need assistance with, please let me know. Last year I personally called those parents who were reluctant to come in and got them to schedule :)

What to share at conferences: Positive Feedback, Data Results (mClass/STAR), Opportunities for Growth

Pint-Sized PD

Encouraging a Metacognitive “Voice” Inside Students’ Heads

(Originally titled “Help Students Train Their Inner Voice”)

In this Educational Leadership article, Bryan Goodwin and Heather Hein of McREL say that a key objective in schools is helping make the “little voice” in students’ heads a helpful, constructive factor in their learning. This matters because students’ inner voice often undermines self-confidence (I stink at math; I can’t draw) and prevents them from exerting effective effort. Goodwin and Hein report that numerous studies have shown that when students check in with themselves (for example, in the middle of a science video saying, Wait a minute, I don’t get this!) or jot down questions during a classroom lecture (Which king was best for England? What do I still not understand about this?), they learn and remember better. The very best results come when students use self-questioning and then discuss the questions with peers.

The good news is that students can learn to enhance their metacognitive voice quite quickly; in one study, the intervention lasted only 90 minutes. “Even more striking, perhaps,” say Goodwin and Hein, “the technique itself seems to stick with students… In short, once students learned how to actively engage in self-questioning, they appeared to internalize the strategy – which might begin a virtuous circle. As students become better learners, they begin to see themselves as better learners, which, in turn, inspires greater confidence and engagement. As they begin to focus the voice in their heads, they replace self-doubt, distraction, and anxiety with a calm, reassuring voice that says, I can do this.

“Help Students Train Their Inner Voice” by Bryan Goodwin with Heather Hein in Educational Leadership, September 2015 (Vol. 73, #1, p. 76-77),; the authors can be reached at and