Mason Evers

Ceramics 1 Portfolio


I created this project because I wanted to make a simple, yet radiant vase that I can put in my living room. Along the way, I had minor difficulties smoothing the inside and creating the coils, however, after a while, I got the hang of it and it became easy to finish. If I were to change anything I would go back and change the smooth ribbon traveling around the vase, making it bigger and more defined.

Secrets Underwater

I created this mug because I wanted to create something unique and abstract. Towards the beginning, I had a little difficulty with building and shaping the clay, however after a couple classes, I got the hang of it. If I could change anything from my mug, it'd be the inside of the mug, as I'm not a fan of how bumpy and unsmooth it is.

Art Critique: John Deweese Pottery

In John Deweese's pottery, one can see that it is a blackish brown vase with a handle attached to it. I see that it has some cracks and rough, beaten up edges, adding to the peice's character. Also, rising from the top of the vase, is an abstract, asymmetrical handle twisting and dividing/coming together over the vase. Throughout the peice, the pottery is dominated by its form and value. It is a balanced, beautiful peice, that through its dark color and "imperfections", it gives off a sense of despair and hopelessness. This peice of artwork has been successful because all its cracks, knicks, and its asymmetrical handle gives it also a toughness, or feeling that the artist has been through a lot, however, underneath, it is still balanced and strong.

Art Critique: Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild Sculpture 'Free'

There is a very strong, muscular man leaning against something that based on the picture, we can't see very well. Also, the whole sculpture is a reddish bronze color, and the man is only wearing a loincloth. Eventhough the sculpture is named free, the man doesnt appear to be free, with his head laying down in a depressed manner, and he is dressed more like a slave in his loincloth with his hands behind his back. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that went through creating this peice furthers helps the idea that everyone wants freedom, though not everyone always has it. 'Free' is dominated by its detail, form, and value.