Glock Firearms

Unbelievably Reliable


A simple 9mm Glock 17 will set you back about 600 dollars. This may seem like alot for a firearm, considering you could buy a Mosin Nagant for about 200 dollars in most gun shops in the United States. And Glocks have a life time of maintenance for free.

The Beast Of The Family

Thats right, the Glock 18C. It is a fully automatic pistol. This amazing pistol fires at over 1200 rounds per minute, which is about 20 rounds per second. Keep in mind, to fire one round, the hammer must hit the case, ignite the powder and push the bullet out of the barrel. And then have the slide go back and reload the next round. That is amazing!

A picture Of The Glock 18C

Here is a photo showing the 18C's amazing fire rate.